A Few Myths and Facts Related To Air Conditioning Systems

There are many myths when it comes to air conditioning systems and today we will debunk those myths. Along with that, we will be exclusively discussing the facts that will help in clearing the wrong assumptions. So, let us now start our myth vs reality session.

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Myth 1: No matter where you install your air conditioner, it will run efficiently

The Fact: The reality is actually quite the opposite. Location is extremely important when it comes to the efficiency of an air conditioner.

Before going for an aircon install make sure you keep the thermostat away from electrical appliances and light fixtures because the heat from the appliances can affect the accuracy of the aircon in determining the temperature of the room. Also, you need to make sure that the outdoor unit is not under direct sunlight and there are no obstructions in the airflow.

Therefore, it is always recommended to get the air conditioner installed by a professional who is experienced in the field of installation.

Myth 2: Air conditioners are best for cooling the air only

The Fact: Air conditioners are used for conditioning the air. So, apart from cooling the air they also remove the excess humidity from the air.

Myth 3: Faster cooling can be achieved by lowering the temperature

Fact: Though this is believed by many, in reality, this is also not true either. Most of the time we tend to lower the temperature in the aircon to achieve faster cooling of the room. But you need to know the fact that an air conditioning system operates at a consistent frequency to attain the defined temperature. Hence, lowering the temperature will cool your room fast. The speed of the flow of air will be the same. Moreover, when you set your temperature too low, the air conditioning system is taking up more energy.

Myth 4: Air filters are not that important

Fact: In reality, air filters in a conditioner are highly important as they trap the dirt and dust particles and helps in the circulation of clean air throughout the room. Additionally, you need to clean and change the filters frequently for the cool air to come in and for this, you can assign qualified professionals by searching them on the internet with the keyword aircon installation company near Parramatta.

Myth 5: Sitting in an air-conditioned room for too long can make your sick

Fact: This is another myth which many people believe in. But in reality, is that it is false. People think that they might catch a cold by spending too much time in an air-conditioned room. But actually, the cold is caused by viruses and not by the aircon. But if dirt and dust are accumulated in the filters, they can lead to allergies.

Myth 6: You will need an air conditioner only in the summertime

Fact: Air conditioners have evolved over the years and now many air cons can be used as heaters for wintertime.

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