Fridge Compressor Trouble in Sydney? Learn the Causes & Get Help

Fridge Compressor Trouble

We all know how important a refrigerator is in a household for storing food and keeping it fresh and healthy for days. But like any other electrical appliance, your fridge can experience problems. For instance, condenser damage is common, especially if you neglect professional maintenance. Speaking of which, have you been noticing a strange noise coming from your refrigerator?

In nine out of ten cases, the culprit is likely the compressor. This crucial component typically lasts longer than other parts, but it can run into trouble without routine maintenance. If this happens, you need urgent fridge repairs, or you’ll be forced to buy a new unit altogether! But first, you need to understand why a fridge’s compressor breaks down in the first place.

What is a Compressor?

Considered the heart of the fridge unit, a compressor is responsible for moving refrigerant or coolant (the chemical that provides a cooling effect when it expands and evaporates) through the entire system.

Like anything else, these compressors have a lifespan and will eventually fail. Regular wear and tear is a common cause for a failing compressor unit. It’s recommended to start with a high-quality compressor so that it provides more mileage before any issues arise, which might require fridge repairs in Sydney.

Pro Tip:

It’s advisable to have the compressor professionally checked from time to time by a qualified technician. This can save you money and time in the long run compared to reinstalling it.

The Thumb Rule:

If you notice a slight buzzing or humming sound from the compressor, turn off the fridge, wait for a while, and turn it back on. If the sound is gone, you’re good. If the humming noise is even louder, you need professional help ASAP.

Very High or Too Little Load

Experts say that suddenly increasing or decreasing the load on a refrigerator can lead to malfunctions. If the fridge is overfilled with hot liquids or too much ice in the freezer, the evaporator has to work harder to cool them. This can lead to overheating and premature issues with the compressor.

Similarly, if you suddenly fill up the refrigerator compartments with too much food after a long time, the compressor may experience a heavy load at once, causing it to break down and require fridge repairs.

Keep in Mind:

A faulty compressor or a malfunctioning condenser can also cause a refrigerator to become contaminated. If something gets into the compressor, it can contaminate the fridge and cause severe problems. In this case, you need the assistance of an experienced specialist like Fast Fridge Repairs.

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