Causes of Excessive Cooling That Leads to Fridge Repairs

A fridge is designed to preserve your food items by circulating cool air. But, if you notice excessive cooling throughout the fridge and too much ice formation on the freezer section, there might be certain problems with the inner components and you need to book a technician for a repair.

You can detect excessive cooling when too much ice formation happens even when the temperature is set to low. And due to the excessive ice formation, getting the food items out of the freezer section can become difficult.

So, here we will discuss the possible causes of the ice formation and the things that need to be checked by the technician at the repair.
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Thermostat Setting is Incorrect

The thermostat is a component inside the fridge that controls the temperature and incorrect setting might lead to excessive cooling. Generally, the temperature setting inside the food section of the fridge needs to be around 35 to 38 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature goes past this value there is a possibility that your food might get spoiled. And a temperature below this can be considered as excessive freezing. Therefore, if this happens, your technician who is carrying out the Westinghouse fridge troubleshooting will need to check the thermostat settings.

Thermostat is Malfunctioning

A faulty thermostat can also be the cause of excessive cooling. The component directly controls the other components such as the evaporator, condenser, and compressor during cooling. So, if the component malfunctions, the fridge cannot stop cooling which results in excessive ice formation.

The technicians at repair inspect the thermostat by listening to the sound that it makes during the normal operation cycle along with the starting and stopping of the compressor. If the sound is there, then the thermostat is working and if not, then it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Thermistor is Malfunctioning

Excessive cooling can also be caused by a malfunctioning thermistor. This component inside the fridge monitors the temperature of the air inside the fridge. The thermistor is connected to the thermostat that controls the temperature and it triggers a response to the thermostat so that it can power up the compressor when the temperature inside the fridge drops below the designated range. So, in Westinghouse fridge repairs the technicians check if the thermistor is working properly. And if it’s not, they repair or replace the component.

Evaporator Fan is Overworking

The evaporator fan helps in the circulation of the cold air inside the fridge. It helps the cold air of the freezer to move into other sections. Now, if the fan starts overworking due to excessive food items inside the fridge, it can interfere with the cold sensors leading to excessive cooling and ice build-up. Therefore, try not to over-pack the food section to prevent the evaporator fan from overworking.

Damper is Broken

The damper in a fridge is a manual or automatic door situated at the top of the food section which opens and closes to let the cold airflow into the different sections. However, if the damper is broken, cold air will flow continuously to the food section of the fridge. So, if this happens, you need to contact a technician to get it replaced.

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