Smelly Food No More – Tips on How to Maintain Your Refrigerator

If we say that refrigerator is the soul to a healthy family, it will not be an exaggeration. After all, refrigerators are diligent appliances that Haberfieldwork 24/7 to ensure the health of a family. It deserves some much-needed love and care since it never fails to care for your family by keeping the food that you consume fresh. Well, it shouldn’t fail until its life span is spent away.

The typical life span of a refrigerator is 8 to 13 years, and you should take utmost care and invest some time in its maintenance so that it serves its full potential. Other than clearing out old garbage and fungus-infected food, what have you done to attend to your fridge? By performing these simple steps mentioned below, you would be able to maximise the life expectancy of your refrigerator.
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Know Why Water Dispenser of Your Fridge is Not Working

In a number of side-by-side refrigerator model, there is a feature called water and ice dispenser, which is located on the front of the freezer section. There will be a small water and ice collection tray at the bottom to manage the overflow and small spills. The unit will have 2 glass-sized paddle controls one of which will work for ice and another of which will work for water. To dispense the water, glass is placed under the opening to collect the water. What if the water dispenser all of a sudden stop dispensing the water? What are the causes that make it happen and how to fix it- know the discourse here.
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Know the Causes and Fixes of Loose Fridge Door

Are you experiencing loose fridge door that opens up on its own, even after closing it? You have no doubt closed the fridge door properly, but if it opens back every time soon after you leave it, then there is a serious problem with your fridge door. If the door doesn’t get closed fully, then it is not good enough to store food for long there. So, it’s a frustrating situation, but not hard to fix. So, what to do when your fridge door is not getting closed? Read this brief discourse here-
know the causes and fixes of loose fridge door

Why Fridge Door is Not Getting Closed: The professionals in fridge repairs in Greystanes firstly suggest checking if there is something stored that is pushing the fridge door from inside. If there is no such thing, here a few common reasons that make it happen-

 Too Much of Weight in the Door:

It’s better to remove any heavy items like a jar of juice or milk from the fridge door to reduce the weight.

 Fridge Isn’t Leveled:

If the front of your refrigerator is tilted forward, then it could be another reason why the fridge door is not getting closed.

 Mis-Aligned Hinges:

Over the span of use, hinges of your fridge get pulled down due to repetitive strain. Calling a fridge repair professional in Manly can let you have this issue fixed by tightening and adjusting the hinges with a screwdriver.

If none of the above methods works, check for the door seal. Did you know that seal around your refrigerator or the freezer is also called gasket? As the name implies, the seals lock up the cold air inside the fridge, so that the food inside can remain fresh. A Malfunctioning seal prevents the unit from maintaining the safe temperature for perishable items.

What to Look For in a Seal:

While checking the door seal, look for the small screws all around the door, which is holding the door seal in place. Make sure these screws are not loose, which may cause sticking out of the seal. If you find it is happening so, you may need to replace the gasket of your refrigerator door.

Don’t think the seals as a fancy and optional part. It is a strip of rubber that must be fitted tightly into a groove around the door’s edge. In the same way, the gasket wiggles lose from the grove, which needs to be adjusted by pushing back. Call fridge repair professionals in Ashfield if you can’t do such fixes on your own. Since professionals have the necessary experience and supplies to do any repairing job easily, it’s safe to rely on them.

Clean the Gasket: If you find the door is not getting closed or tend to pop open, then it is due to the dirty seal. So, how to clean it? Take a bowl and mix warm water with a drop of dishwashing liquid. Make sure you clean the grim from every side of the seal by wiping down it with damp towel.

When to Look for Seal Replacement? Often times, you will need to start fresh with the new seal. However, before you think about the replacement, you must check whether the seal is cracked, torn, bent, warped at the corners.

So, before the matter reaches to replacement needs, talk to our experts at fridge repairs in Surry Hills to find the necessary repair at an affordable rate.