Preparing For an Aircon Install? Follow These Steps

Some preparations are required before an aircon installation. It will ensure not only a hassle-free installation but also an optimal performance of the appliance.

As a home or office owner, you might think that most or all parts of the installation will be taken by the technician. This is a wrong assumption because some of these things are beyond the reach of the technicians. So let us see what you need to do.

Aircon Install

Selecting the Correct Unit

Before you are going for an aircon install, you have to choose the unit that is the best fit for your home in terms of energy consumption, cooling area, etc. Large units will naturally consume more power. On the other hand, choosing a small unit for a larger area is never going to work.

To mitigate these problems you can talk to a professional who will measure the area and will help you to choose the appropriate unit. Additionally, these professionals will also help you in choosing the right model depending on the energy-efficiency based on the power consumption in your home or office.

Reading the Installation Manual

After buying the unit, you must read the split ac installation guide that discusses the steps of installation. Though this is the work of the technician, you will get to learn one or two things that might be helpful for you as well as the technician.

In the manual, you will get to know the specifications of the air conditioner in detail. You can note down these points and clear your queries with the technician when he arrives for the installation. The manual will also provide the correct ways of appliance maintenance to achieve greater longevity.

Providing Easy Access to Space

For a smooth installation, you need to provide easy access to the space. Some of the common areas include the furnace area as the place where the evaporator coil will be installed. Before the aircon install, you need to ensure that the outdoor area and the place around the furnace are clean and free of debris.

The technicians will need access to these areas because they will install a low voltage wiring that controls the AC. Moreover, easy access will ensure the setting up of high voltage power supply required for the air conditioner to work.

Cleaning the Ducts

Dirt and dust that have accumulated in the ducts over the years can damage the new air conditioning unit. Also, they can affect the air circulation and quality. So, it is essential that you clean them before calling a technician to install the appliance. And if you find that you cannot do the job alone, better contact some contractors who will do the job for you.

Clear the Area

For installing the indoor unit your technician would like a clear area that is devoid of obstruction. So, you must move the chairs, tables, and other furniture before the arrival of the technician and after the installation is over you can re-position them as they were before.

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