Safety Precautions You Need to Take Before Installing an Aircon

Aircon Installation

For functioning properly, an air conditioning system needs an uninterrupted supply of power. But with that, proper electrical wiring and grounding are also required to prevent electrical surges that might damage the components inside the aircon. Also, if you do not fix these things or take the necessary precautions before calling the professionals to install the appliance, you might be putting yourself and the installer at risk because an electrical shock during the installation can seriously hurt the professional. Continue reading “Safety Precautions You Need to Take Before Installing an Aircon”

Some Very Pertinent FAQs in Regards to Aircon Installation that You Cannot Ignore

Aircon Installation

When it comes to the installation of air conditioners at your home or office, you must vouch for the best. The reason is pretty simple – if you are to make the most out of your aircon system, the installation has to be perfect. That’s why, to be sure about the competency of the air conditioning installer in Sydney whom you hire, you need to ask the service provider a few questions. Continue reading “Some Very Pertinent FAQs in Regards to Aircon Installation that You Cannot Ignore”

5 Essential Things to Consider Before Installing Aircon

Do want to install a new aircon? And want to make it effective and long-lasting? An aircon unit has become a need for almost all homeowners. Hence, to make it work effectively for a long-term, you need to install high-quality aircon brand. Moreover, the installation of aircon must be done properly to ensure efficient performance.

Here are the essential points that you need to consider before installing an aircon system…

Know Your System Properly

Aircon systems are of various types, and all of them require specific installation requirements. Hence, it is important to learn about the system you are going to install. You can also consult a professional for understanding your aircon system in a better way.
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How to Prepare for Aircon Installation at Your Home?

Installing an air conditioning system is quite an easy task for a reputed and seasoned aircon installation company. However, while the company has its share of responsibility to ensure a flawless installation, you have your task cut out as well!

In other words, you have a few things to ensure that when the installers arrive, they are able to carry out the installation without any hiccup, whatsoever.
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6 Methods a Pro Aircon Installation Expert in Sydney Will follow

When it comes to installing an air conditioning unit, things involve the installation of two types of devices – the split and the window AC. Of the two, the installation of a split air conditioning system is a crucial exercise. Several factors are to be taken into account at the time of installation.

That is the reason one needs to get in touch with a seasoned professional aircon installation service provider. What better name can you opt for than Fast Fridge Repairs? Our professionals take into consideration the following points while installing the AC units.

The Strength of The Wall

This is the first and foremost point that the installers consider while installing the unit. The wall on which the indoor unit is installed MUST be strong enough to hold the weight of the unit. Well, this may pose a problem while drilling holes on the wall, but that is the part of their job. Hence, the ability of the wall to hold back the weight of the indoor unit is more important than the hardship of drilling it.

A proper spacing…

This is another crucial factor, which the aircon installation expert of the company in Sydney considers. The indoor unit of the split unit needs to have a minimum of 15 meters of unconfined space surrounding all its sides and the top, for a proper and unhindered flow of air.

Maintaining Appropriate Height from the Ground

While installing the AC unit, these professionals keep in mind the standard height. The standard height of mounting the indoor unit of a split AC is 7 to 8 feet from the ground. This is a MUST as it helps inadequate cooling of the interiors of the room.

Maintaining the Correct Tilt Angle of The Indoor Unit

When it comes to fixing the aluminium bracket on the wall, these air conditioning unit installation experts make sure that they do so, only after giving the brackets a little tilting angle. This is to make sure that the indoor unit of the AC system, when fitted on the wall, remains at a slight angle with respect to the surface of the wall. This is to guarantee an unrestricted flow of condensed water from the drainpipe.

Perfect Location of the Outdoor Unit

Professionals make sure that the outdoor unit is installed in such a way so that they do not get direct sunlight or rainwater. In fact, the outdoor unit of the AC unit is installed at an open space, so that there is no blockage of dissipation of heat from the condenser out to the atmosphere.

Proper Placement of the Outdoor Unit

The pros install the outdoor unit on a flat and firm rigid surface to make sure the surface does not give in, due to the weight of the outdoor unit. It is this outdoor unit, that contains all the key components of the system. They include the compressor, the fan motor, condenser and the likes. Moreover, if this unit is not placed on the flat surface, it will lead to excessive vibration, resulting in breakage of copper pipes, leakage of coolant and damage of compressor and the condenser. Furthermore, a too-much vibrating unit will make a constant loud noise, which is the last thing you would want.

Therefore, you see, these are the steps, an experienced aircon installation near Sydney will follow while installing the Unit. That is why you need to put your money on Fast Fridge Repairs that happens to be one of the most prolific service providers. For further details, please get in touch with us during business hours at 0405972558, or mail us at

Don’t Overlook these 5 Mistakes for a Flawless Aircon Installation

The advancement of the technology has paved hundreds of options or substitutes for every gadget. But, ever wondered about the air conditioning units? Do they have any alternative or replacement? Of course not! Therefore, aircon installation needs to be perfect to get the ideal output. It is crucial to have the proper placement or installation because any glitches are going to hamper the performance of the unit and thus lowering the optimum performance. Continue reading “Don’t Overlook these 5 Mistakes for a Flawless Aircon Installation”