Your Fridge Isn’t Turning On? The Following Might Be the Reasons

Fridge not turning on is a common issue faced by many and if you are facing the same problem then there are no other options than to contact technicians providing the fridge repairs service in Coogee. But what might be the reason for the problem? Actually, there are quite a few of them and here we will discuss them briefly. We will also discuss how the technicians solve the problem. But before that, we will need to understand how a fridge works.

Your Fridge Isn’t Turning On

Working Mechanism of a Fridge

The refrigerant absorbs humidity and heat in the freezer. The refrigerant then passes these through a series of coils that dissipate the heat into the air after drawing them in.

The compressor in the fridge transfers heat and continues this process. It also transforms the refrigerant into a liquid form from the gaseous one. The sound that you hear from the refrigerator is actually the functioning of the compressor motor.

When does a Fridge Stop Working?

A fridge comprises several components, such as timers, switches, and fans, timers, thermostats, etc. that contribute to the cooling process and keeps the system running. However, failure or malfunctioning of any of these components might stop the fridge from working normally and when this happens you will need to contact the technicians providing fridge repairs in Coogee.

Now let’s see how the technicians inspect and repair these components when the fridge fails to start.

The Lights Are Off and so is the Cooling System

When this happens the technicians will diagnose problems in the


When the light in your fridge is working but the cooling system isn’t, the technicians will diagnose if the breaker is damaged. They will replace the fuse if and see if the cooling system is working again.

Fridge Outlet

If the breaker turns out to be fine or if the fridge still fails to start, the technicians will test the outlet by plugging in a lamp on both of its sides. If they cannot detect power, then the outlet is malfunctioning or the circuit on the component has become loose.

Power Cord

Another reason for which the fridge might fail to start is a problematic power chord. So, the technicians will check the power cord and if it is indeed malfunctioning, they will replace it.

The Lights Are On but the Cooling System Isn’t Working

When this happens, the technicians providing the refrigerator repair service near Coogee will do the following.

Inspecting the Coils

Sometimes if too much dust or dirt gets accumulated inside the coils, the cooling system in the fridge might fail to start. So, the technician will check the coils and if and will clean them if required.

Inspecting the Compressor

Problems in the compressor can cause this problem too. So, they might try to unplug it first and then plug it back in to see if the cooling system restarts. Otherwise, they will need to repair or replace the component.

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Safety Precautions You Need to Take Before Installing an Aircon

Aircon Installation

For functioning properly, an air conditioning system needs an uninterrupted supply of power. But with that, proper electrical wiring and grounding are also required to prevent electrical surges that might damage the components inside the aircon. Also, if you do not fix these things or take the necessary precautions before calling the professionals to install the appliance, you might be putting yourself and the installer at risk because an electrical shock during the installation can seriously hurt the professional.

So, before you go ahead with the aircon system install, follow these steps.

  • Check the Power Requirements of the System

Each air conditioning system works differently. Their specifications will vary and so will be their power requirements. So, before buying or installing them, check if the electrical infrastructure in your property is capable of supplying the required power.

If it can, then you don’t need to worry. But if it cannot, you should set up the infrastructure. Else, you might face burnt power boards on your property of fire in the worst cases.

  • Check the Electrical Wiring and Grounding

Though we have already mentioned this previously, we are bringing this up again because most of the electrical hazards that occur in properties are due to improper electrical wiring and grounding.

A lack of electrical wiring can lead to a short circuit that might damage your air conditioning system. Moreover, these damages are not covered in the warranties. But most importantly, these short circuits can lead to a fire in your household or even electrocution in the worst cases. So, getting your wiring checked before the installation is always recommended. With this, you should install or check the grounding as it can help protect the system from electrical surges.

  • Make Sure there are No Water Sources Nearby

Though the air conditioning system will be installed in the wall and above the ground, you need to make sure that there are no water sources nearby or even pipes that carry water because if it gets inside the system, it can cause a short circuit. So, aircon installation experts in Sydney recommend that you get installed in a room where there are no water sources nearby.

  • Get Your Wall Inspected before the Installation

A weak wall can be dangerous for an air conditioning system. If a part of your wall breaks during or after the installation, it can cause injuries. Therefore, getting your wall inspected by a professional before the installation is always essential if you want to avoid accidents.

  • Trying to Install It All by Yourself

You should never try to install the air conditioning system by yourself if you are not a technician. If you do not or cannot follow the right methods, you might damage the appliance or if you are not careful enough, you can meet with accidents. Thus, assigning professionals is always the safest option.

  • Inspecting the Aircon

Though aircon installers in Sydney always inspect the appliance before installing, you should still ask them to do so just to be safe.

This is because a faulty system can lead to several electrical hazards. But if the faults are detected beforehand, accidents can be averted.

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Some Very Pertinent FAQs in Regards to Aircon Installation that You Cannot Ignore

Aircon Installation

When it comes to the installation of air conditioners at your home or office, you must vouch for the best. The reason is pretty simple – if you are to make the most out of your aircon system, the installation has to be perfect. That’s why, to be sure about the competency of the air conditioning installer in Sydney whom you hire, you need to ask the service provider a few questions.

How Experienced Are You as an Aircon Installer?

Before anything else, you must know how experienced they are installing the air conditioning systems. Ask them if they are competent enough in installing the type of aircon system – split, window, ducted, or ceiling that you are planning to have at your property.

Also, you need to ask the professionals if they are licensed and bonded, and offer a comprehensive solution when it comes to the installation of the aircon system.

Ask if They Offer You End-to-end Solutions?

It is very important for the specialists to offer end-to-end solutions when they offer to install Aircon systems. In other words, their service should include helping you to determine the tonnage, picking up the best strategic spot, carrying out the installation, setting up the connections, and the cleanup service. Ask whether the company you are eyeing to have the AC installed at your property, does so.

Ask if They Offer Maintenance and Repair of Aircon System

This is another extremely important question that you must ask the installers. Ask if the professionals only install aircon systems, or they also provide maintenance and repair if and when the needs arise. It is always wiser to have the AC system repaired and maintained by the same company that had installed it.

Are the Installers Competent Enough to Install Any Brand or Type of AC?

Yes, do not forget to ask this. You must ask the installer whether it is competent enough to install any type of AC system from any brand. This will give you the liberty to hire that company and get your favorite brand of AC.

Are the Installers Knowledgeable Enough to Provide Every Technical Detail to You?

Following the installation, it is the responsibility of the AC installers to explain all the technicalities, albeit in an elementary form, to the users. This is to ensure that the user is able to use it efficiently. Also, the experts, after completing the aircon installation services in Sydney are expected to provide every piece of information in regards to potential risks and red flags of not operating the system as per the manufacturers’ recommendations. Thus, before you hire an air conditioning system installation company, you must ask whether the professionals are good enough to explain all the nitty-gritty to you.

Thus you see, you must ask all these questions before putting stakes on a quality air conditioning installation specialist company. If you are in Sydney, the best name to put stakes on is Fast Fridge Repairs. To book a service call, dial 0405972558. Our experts will be more than glad to resolve all these and any queries that you may have.

Some Westinghouse Fridge Repairing Procedures That Technicians Follow

To diagnose the problems in Westinghouse fridges, the technicians follow several procedures to find out the source of the problems and repair them efficiently. Here, however, we will discuss only the most common procedures that the technicians follow. Nevertheless, if you are curious about the methods, read on.

Westinghouse Fridge Repairing
Westinghouse Fridge Repairing

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Some Questions You Need to Ask Your Fridge Repair Technician

Fridge Repair Technician

There are times when you need to summon technicians to have your fridge repaired. And at times, this may happen quite often than not, more so when your fridge gets old, regardless of the brand and model of your fridge. You will find a number of companies around you, which are into fridge repair service.

However, not all of them are worth investing in. Only some are. And the competency of these companies directly depends on the expertise and experience of the fridge repair technicians in Sydney that they have. Thus, before you put stakes in a fridge repair company, you need to ask the techies a few questions, which will help you gauge their competence, expertise, and credibility.

How Experienced Are They?

It is not only the experience of the fridge repairing company that matters. The experience of its techies matters a lot as well. Thus, you need to have a clear idea about the experience of the techie. Know from the technician the number of years the professional has been into repairing the fridge and take a note of the type of model and make that the individual has so far repaired. This will ensure that the techie in charge of your fridge is the fittest one to address the issue and have it solved.

Is the Techie Background-checked?

Essentially, this is something you need to confirm from the fridge repair service provider in Sydney that you are putting stakes on. Ensure that the techie who will be visiting your home is background checked. This will make sure that the professional is nowhere near being a threat to you or your family member.

Is the Technician Licensed?

Each and every technician who is into repairing fridges or any other domestic electric appliance is licensed and bonded. This ensures that your fridge will be taken care of by legitimate personnel, with the authority to carry out such repairs in your locality.

Is the Techie Well Trained?

Technology changes with every passing day. And it is the responsibility of every technician and repair service provider to be well familiar with the very latest versions of tools and technology. Thus, before you bestow the responsibility of repairing your fridge, you need to ensure that the fridge repair expert in Sydney you are vouching for, will be using the very latest, state-of-the-art technology to ensure the best solutions to the issues you are facing.

Will the Repair Carry Any Warranty?

When the repair involves any replacement of spare parts, you need to confirm the replacement involves genuine spare parts and as such, whether it carries any warranty. This will ensure that in case of your mishap, you will not be at the receiving end – financially.

Will You Need to Pay Any Tip to the Technician?

Again, this is something that you need to ask the fridge repair service provider. Know from them, whether apart from the cost of service that wholly depends upon the gravity of the issue in hand, you need to pay any tip to the techie. Generally, reputed companies do not allow it.

Thus you see, you need to ask these questions before putting stakes on a fridge repair service. One good thing about putting stakes on Fast Fridge Repairs. For further details, call us at 0405972558.

Is Your Fridge Malfunctioning Too Often? These Might Be the Reasons

Fridge Repair

Fridge problems can occur due to several reasons. But is the one in your home or office giving you troubles every now and then? If yes, there can be certain reasons behind it and we will take a look at them here.

Since the problems are recurring, you will need to get a few things checked as well so that you can prevent further component malfunctions. Anyway, now let’s see what the reasons might be.

  • Electricity Fluctuations

Voltage fluctuations can cause substantial damage to the components in your fridge. These can happen anytime and if these are going on for too long, you will need to call an electrician and get the flow of electricity checked before you call the professionals who provide commercial fridge repairs.

The electricians will test the flow of current and the possible fluctuations. If they find the source of the problem, they will suggest to you the possible solutions with which you can protect not just your fridge but all the other appliances as well.

  • Wiring Problems

Frequent short circuits can lead to problems in your fridge, and the reason for this is nothing but faulty wiring. So, getting it checked is very important.

Again, you will need to contact electricians who will arrive at your place to check the wiring setup. They will look for faults and will repair them if they find them so that your fridge can stay protected.

  • Pest Infestation

A growing number of pests can lead to problems in your refrigerator. Generally, these are caused by rodents who can easily get inside the appliances and cut the wire. So, you will need to get your property inspected by pest controllers for rodents or insects that have the capability of causing damages to your appliance.

Getting rid of them will naturally keep your fridge running seamlessly.

  • Damages Caused by Water

If you have a water source near your fridge and water droplets somehow get inside the components of the fridge, they can cause substantial damages. So, it’s best to relocate your furniture. However, to diagnose if the problems are occurring frequently due to water, you will need to take the help of the professionals providing domestic fridge repairs.

You will need to describe your problems in detail to the professionals so that they can find out whether the damages are actually being caused by water.

  • Appliance Mishandling 

If you fail to handle your fridge correctly, you might notice frequent malfunctioning of the components. So, going through the fridge manual is extremely important.

You should follow the dos and don’ts written in the manual for it to work flawlessly. However, if you require an expert’s opinion, you should talk to a fridge repairer to guide you into the correct ways of handling your fridge.

  • Improper Placement

If the base of your fridge is not flat, some of the components inside might fail to work properly. To solve the problem you will need to call in specialists providing commercial and domestic fridge repairs.

They will set up the base of the fridge or will inspect and tell you the actual reasons for its malfunctioning.

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Ways How Technicians Repair the Door of a Fisher and Paykel Fridge

Though Fisher and Paykel Fridge is a high-quality appliance, its’ door might malfunction like that of the others, and when it does, you will need to contact the technicians for a repair. The technicians providing Fisher and Paykel fridge repairs will then arrive and diagnose the source of the problems in the door of your fridge, and after the diagnosis, they will start the repairs.

Today, we will discuss the ways how they will test and repair the door. So, let’s get to that without delay.

Fisher and Paykel Fridge

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How Technicians Help Remove Odours From Your Fridge? 

How Technicians Help Remove Odours From Your Fridge 

Though fridge cleaning is not too difficult, if you experience consistent odours, you will need to call the repairers to check the source of the odour and remove them. So, today we will be taking a look at a few methods that the technicians use to check the source of the odour and how they help in removing them. So, if you are in Seven Hills, Cecil Hills, Penrith or St Marys and want to get an idea of how the professionals deal with odours in fridges, this discussion might help.

How Technicians Help Remove Odours From Your Fridge 

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How Repairers Clean Westinghouse Fridges Efficiently?

How Repairers Clean Westinghouse Fridges Efficiently

To clean your Westinghouse fridge, it is best to call repairers having the relevant experience in dealing with Westinghouse fridges. Also, since these are premium fridges, we recommend that you abstain from doing it yourself. Anyway, here we will discuss how the repairers clean the fridge safely following different procedures.

  • Decluttering the Fridge is the First Step

If you start facing a variety of Westinghouse fridge problems, you will need to contact the repairers. They will arrive at your place and if they find that the reason for the problems is that the fridge is unclean, they will start with decluttering first.

That is, they will remove the items first to check if the fridge is cooling normally again because many times cooling is hampered when too many items are there in the fridge.

  • Use Baking Soda to Clean the Fridge Interior

To clean the fridge interior, the best natural solution is always baking soda as it helps to soften the accumulated grease and other particles. In fact, most fridge repairers use this solution along with other cleaning agents.

This solution works best not just for the interiors but for the exterior surfaces as well. However, if you have not cleaned the Westinghouse fridge before, it is best to get it done by a professional.

  • Cleaning the Fridge Gasket

A variety of problems in your Westinghouse fridge can stem from a defective or old gasket. And if the repairers find that the gasket is worn out, they may replace it completely. However, if it requires cleaning, they will use special solutions to clean it and then seal it carefully so that the fridge door closes perfectly.

Thus, apart from cleaning, if you face any fridge door related problems contact professionals who are experts in Westinghouse fridge troubleshooting.

  • Removing Odours in the Fridge

To remove the odours from your fridge, the repairers will again use baking soda. However, there are other odour removers readily available in the market which the repairers use as well. So, if you are facing odours from your Westinghouse fridge, the professionals will likely use both the baking soda as well as the chemicals depending on the intensity of the odours.

  • Cleaning the Coils in Your Fridge 

To clean the coils of the Westinghouse fridge, the repairers require specialisation since the coils are placed differently in these fridges. So, to clean the coils, first, the repairers will disassemble the fridge to reach the coils and then will use different tools to clean them up in an organised manner.

  • Cleaning the Water Dispenser

For cleaning the water dispenser in your fridge, the professionals providing Westinghouse fridge repairs will mostly use vinegar-based cleaners since this solution can quickly disintegrate the grease and the hard to remove stains. Another advantage of using this solution is that it helps to disperse the odour from the water dispenser.

  • Cleaning Mould and other Growths

Removing mould or other growths can be difficult. So, here, the professionals will have to use proprietary cleaning solutions. However, if the growth is not that strong, they might apply warm water and baking soda as it is very effective against growth as well.

So, these are a few ways how professionals clean the Westinghouse fridges efficiently.

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How Professional Repairers Clean the Fisher and Paykel Fridge?

Fridge Cleaning

A Fisher and Paykel fridge needs to be cleaned by professionals possessing expertise in cleaning and repairing this fridge, and today, we will discuss how these fridges are cleaned. So, if you have the Fisher and Paykel fridge and want to get it cleaned, it’s best to hire professionals who will follow the cleaning procedures suggested by the company itself.

So, now let us dive into the ways how this fridge can be cleaned.

Cleaning the Fridge Exterior

  • Cleaning the Doors

Professionals providing the Fisher and Paykel fridge repairs always use high-quality dishwashing detergent for cleaning the exterior doors. They will mix the detergent with warm water and will wipe it off using a soft cloth. However, to protect the surface, they will never use cleaners that comprise abrasives or other harmful chemicals.

  • Cleaning the Other Exterior Surfaces

For cleaning the other exterior surfaces, the professionals will use a liquid dishwasher mixed with warm water. They will wipe the surfaces with a lint cloth and let them dry to get the best effects.

You can do this yourself too, but make sure you are using the best cleaning solution that is devoid of harmful chemicals.

  • Making the Gasket Clean

The door gasket can get dirty pretty quickly and hence requires frequent cleaning. So, the technicians providing the repairing and cleaning service will use a toothbrush to remove the accumulated dirt and dust.

For removing the grease, however, the professionals will use the mixture of liquid detergent mixed with warm water. Finally, they will apply petroleum jelly on the gasket hinge to achieve good sealing.

Cleaning the Floor

To clean the floor, the Fisher and Paykel repair agents will first vacuum the fridge surface after turning off the power. After this, they will also vacuum the floor after moving the fridge out of its usual position. Lastly, they will reposition the fridge before moving to clean the other compartments.

Cleaning the Water Dispenser

For cleaning the dispenser, the technicians will activate the dispenser lock first as this prevents water from dispensing. Then, they will clean it with a soft cloth.

Generally, cleaning this area does not require much time but the professionals will follow the manual provided with the fridge to achieve the best results.

Drip Tray Cleaning

Just like any other fridge, the drip tray of the Fisher and Paykel fridge will need to be cleaned using the suggested procedures.

The professionals providing the cleaning and repairing of Fisher and Paykel parts will clean the drip tray using a good detergent and a soft lint cloth. However, before this, they will need to remove the drip tray carefully, and after cleaning; they will re-attach them with the clip and will re-insert them into the panel.

Interior Cleaning of the Fridge

The process of cleaning the interior of the Fisher and Paykel fridge is not much different from the other fridges. The professionals will first remove the compartments and then, clean them with detergent and warm water. Additionally, to remove the odor, the professionals will use vinegar or other related solutions.

So, these are the ways how the repairers clean the Fisher and Paykel fridge. And while cleaning they always use the best cleaning agents to achieve the desired result.

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