What You Must Know When Freezer Functions & Freeze Doesn’t?

Fridge Repair

Have you ever found that the ice cream is well chilled, but the meat in the deli tray is suspiciously hot? You are probably finding out what happened (and you may be left with a mess to clean, which can be challenging). If the fridge is not cooling but the freezer is, the mechanism in the fridge may not be working as designed. Therefore, you need to seek out help from a professional fridge technician to fix the issues.

Evaporator Fan

Every fridge has a coil called an evaporator, which cools the inside of the fridge. A small fan and motor are attached to the side of the evaporator to help pull air over the coil and circulate it through the fridge and freezer. If this fan fails, the fridge is likely to be stuck in a hot fridge.

Damper Controls

A damper control is a door that opens and closes automatically or manually to let more or less cold air into the refrigerator. If this door gets stuck or broken, it will not let in enough cold air to maintain the correct temperature.

Condenser Coil

According to the experts offering refrigerator repairs, the condenser coil constantly expels heat from the fridge to maintain the right temperature. If they become clogged with dust, debris or pet hair, it becomes challenging for them to expel heat. As a result, the fridge gets hotter.

Temperature Control Board

The control of the fridge is like the “brain.” It monitors the temperature sensors, drives the compressor fan and regulates the defrost cycle. A faulty board will misread the temperature sensor and prevent the fridge from cooling properly.

What Should You Do if the Fridge Doesn’t Start?

The list above covers the most common reasons why a fridge may not work, but the top or bottom freezer does. From here, go to your user manual to locate each component. Then, refer to the relevant recommendations to identify which mechanism is faulty and what to do about it.

Pro. Note: Whenever you are fixing anything in your fridge, always unplug the power supply before troubleshooting the refrigerator.

Check the Evaporator Fan

To determine if the evaporator fan motor is faulty, start by locating this component. Most evaporator fans are located at the rear of the freezer. Once located, try turning the fan blades by hand. If the blades do not spin freely or are unusually noisy, it is recommended that they be replaced. You can also test the motor windings for continuity using a multimeter. If there is no continuity, they may need to be replaced.

Check the Defrost System

A professional fridge technician near you recommends that if you check the evaporator coil and find it frozen, you will want to test each component of the defrost system (defrost heater, thermostat and timer). To temporarily start the fridge, remove the back panel of the freezer and remove all accumulated ice. If the fridge breaks down again a few days after cooling down, you may need to replace parts of the defrosting system.

Get Inspected by a Technician

The temperature control board is unlikely to cause the fridge to stop working, so it is vital to check the most frequently failing components first. If the numbers from 1 to 5 are working correctly, a specialist may be required to diagnose the issue and install a new board or parts in the fridge.

Last but not least, it is always best to look for a professional who can save you time, energy and money. If you perform DIY work in your fridge, you may face a lot of issues with it as you are not experienced and skilled. So, it is best to contact a professional like Fast Fridge Repairs, who can help you appropriately. To contact us, you can call 0405972558, or if you have any queries, you can mail us at info@fastfridgerepairs.com.au.

How to Fix When Your Fridge Door Won’t Stay Closed?

Fridge Repair

Have you stumbled upon a scenario where there’s a gap when you close the refrigerator door? No matter how much you try, it just won’t stay shut. Now, the food isn’t as cold as it used to be. As frustrating as this situation can be, it’s not quite tough to fix the fridge door. This blog will tell you what to do when the fridge door won’t stay closed. But before that, know the possible reasons behind it before calling in a refrigerator repair service.

Common Reasons Why Fridge Door Won’t Shut

If you’ve already checked that something inside the refrigerator isn’t pushing the door open, then it could be one of the following reasons:

  • There is too much weight on the door panel: Remove heavy items like wine bottles and milk cartons to adjust the weight.
  • The refrigerator isn’t level: If you find the fridge to have tilted to a side or forward, use a level checker and then adjust the feet accordingly.
  • The hinges are coming out or out of alignment: Tighten or adjust the hinges with a screwdriver. If needed, replace them altogether by calling in professional refrigerator repairs in Sydney.

If none of these work, then the culprit is elsewhere. For that, you need to follow the tips mentioned below.

Check the Gasket or Seal

The rubber sealing around your refrigerator’s door is called a gasket, which seals the cold air inside so that the food stays fresh.

A malfunctioning gasket prevents the fridge unit from maintaining the required temperatures. This not only obstructs the refrigerator door from closing but also raises your utility bill as the compressor tries to work even harder to keep your food cold. If you find the rubber seal wiggling, just try to push back in. You can use a cotton swab dipped in petroleum jelly to cast the gasket in its channel.

Replace the Old Gasket with a Newer One

When inspecting the seal, check if everything can be fixed. Check for conditions that show the seal is beyond repair. Those include:

  • Cracked seal
  • Torn edges
  • Warped gasket with bent around the corners
  • Hardened gasket instead of pliable.

Under these circumstances, ordering a new gasket is the simple solution. However, replacing the entire gasket can be difficult. So, you can seek the help of a technician offering refrigerator repairs in Sydney.

Clean the Refrigerator Gasket

If you find the rubber gasket to pop open on its own or the door of the refrigerator making a squeaky noise while closing and reopening, the problem is a dirty gasket. To clean it, mix a drop of dishwashing liquid in a cup of warm water. Now, use an old toothbrush and dip it into the mixture to scrub the gasket. Make sure you scrub off the grime from both sides of the seal. Then, wipe the entire gasket with a damp cloth. Continue this process once a month to prevent grime build-up.

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5 Main Reasons That Cause Black Specks in A Fridge Ice Dispenser

Have you noticed black flecks in your ice? If the answer is yes, then this is the right time to call the expert fridge repair mechanic for an inspection. It is better to get the solution for any kind of problem that you face with the refrigerator before it becomes a complicated one right on time. And for this, you can rely on the professionals of a reputed company who are in the industry for years and specialise in offering the best fridge repairs in Ryde.

You must understand why and how the black flecks come into the ice. What is the main reason or cause of such an issue? Unless and until you don’t have the right idea about this, it won’t be easy for you to connect with the experts who offer the best fridge repairs in Ashfield and get a long-lasting solution. So if you want to have the best knowledge about it, then you must read the points that are mentioned below in detail.

Reasons Due to Which Black Specks Is Seen in Ice Cubes

  1. The most common reason why you can see black specks in the ice cubes is bad water filters. So it is better to get your fridge inspected and change the water filter if there is a need without wasting any time or making an excuse. 
  2. You must also check the water lines behind the refrigerator. If you can notice small black specs in the opaque tubes, then it is better to flush the lines. In case you don’t know what to do, then it is better to hire an experienced mechanic who does specialise in offering the best fridge repairs in Greenacre.
  3. The problem with the ice maker is another reason why you can see black specks in ice cubes. 
  4. It has also been seen and noticed that due to hard water, the problem of black specs in the ice maker occurs, and hence it is better to get the best solution right on time. For this, you just need to hire an expert mechanic who is renowned for offering the best fridge repairs in Darlinghurst.
  5. Another reason for such problems occurs at the time when people try to take out the ice cubes, during which some material from the tray comes off.

So if you want to get the best solution and increase the longevity of your appliance, then it is better to consult with a professional mechanic who specialises in offering the best fridge repairs in St Marys

With more than 20 years of experience under the belt, the professionals of Fast Fridge Repairs have always been successful in offering top-notch refrigerator repair service in Ryde. Our mechanics are highly trained and experienced and use the best safety method to provide a fast solution. So no matter what issue you are facing with your appliance, you can trust us to offer you a long-lasting result. To book an appointment with our expert mechanic for fridge repairs in Kingswood, you can call us at 0405 972 558. If you want to ask anything, then you can send us an email too at info@fastfridgerepairs.com.au.

How to Keep Your Fridge Cool & Protected in Any Weather Condition?

Fridge Maintenance Tips

Many times it has been seen that people face problems with their cold storage boxes at unusual times. It can be early in the morning or late at night or when they are in a rush to reach their office, etc. What they think is that they wasted their time and money buying branded refrigerators. But what they forget to understand is that maintenance and repairing the minor issue on time is highly important, no matter how costly the fridge is. Hence you must also try to hire the experts right on time if you need the best Westinghouse fridge repairs.

Now, what is important for you is to understand what are the best ways in which you can keep your cold storage box in the best condition and avoid the stress of hiring the experts for professional refrigerator repair service. To get the best idea about it, you must check out the points that are specified below.

Tips to Keep Your Fridge Working in Top Condition


  • Cleaning

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is clean your refrigerator both inside and out. You should clean the shelves, coils, fans and other important components that will help you to enhance the performance of your appliance. Make sure to take safety measures at the time of cleaning the fridge.

  • Water Filter

The next thing that you need to do if you want to avoid hiring a team for Westinghouse fridge repairs is change the water filter on time. Professional fridge repair specialists do recommend changing it twice a year.

  • Right Temperature

If your refrigerator is not automatic, then you need to set the temperature at the right level so that it can function better.

  • Door Seal

You must always check the door seal to ensure that there is no problem with air leaks. If you can see that the seal is damaged, then instead of wasting time, you should get it replaced. For that, you must hire professionals who specialise in offering the best Westinghouse fridge repairs.

  • Stock Foods Perfectly

One important thing that you need to understand is that the refrigerator has limited storage volume. So instead of just putting all the home-cooked foods, fruits, vegetables, water bottles, milk packets, etc., it is better to keep in mind the storage capacity. Remember that your cold storage box will perform better if you keep limited things in it.

These are the few simple things by which you can keep your fridge in the best condition and avoid the pain of hiring a refrigeration repair service provider.

Fast Fridge Repairs is the name you can trust if you are looking for experts who specialise in offering professional refrigeration repair services. We have over 20 years of experience and can easily offer you same-day service for a minor issue. One of the best parts of hiring us is that we do provide a warranty for parts. So when we are there at your service, then you don’t have to take any kind of stress. You just have to give us a call, and we will be right there at your location. As we do charge a minimum price to provide Westinghouse fridge repairs, hence you don’t have to take any kind of stress.

When Does The Fridge Stop Performing Efficiently?

Fridge Stop Performing

Using refrigerators has become a common thing. From offices, homes, and restaurants, to hospitals, the industrial sector, and much more you will find that cold storage boxes are highly used for some reasons or others. While some people do make good efforts to keep their refrigerator in top condition, others hardly care until they face a big issue and have to make a hard effort to hire experts for the commercial fridge repair services near your location.

It is better to understand the most common reasons why the performance of your refrigerator might get hamper and stop cooling. If you want to know about it then you should go through the points that are explained below. You will get the right idea that will help you to maintain your refrigerator and keep it in the best condition.

Reasons Refrigerator Stops Functioning Properly


  • Due to dirty condenser coils, the unit won’t cool. Therefore you need to make some hard effort to clean the condenser coils and remove the dirt, dust, spiderwebs, etc. You must clean the coils carefully without breaking or bending them. If you don’t want to take any chances then it is better to hire a specialist for commercial fridge repairs in Sydney to manage the task.
  • Another reason can be if the door gaskets are not cleaned. If you can see the door seals are dirty then it can create an issue. It might prevent the fridge door from sealing perfectly. So the best thing that you can do is clean it with a bucket of soapy water and a sponge. You must avoid using any cleaner or cleaning tool that is not made for this purpose.
  • If your cold storage box is not cooling efficiently then you need to check the temperature controller. There is a high chance that it is not set properly. By resetting the temperature you will find that it has started cooling after some time.
  • One of the most common reasons that your cold storage box is not functioning properly and getting cool is due to the containers that might be blocking the air vents. Hence it is better to adjust the large and small containers and keep them safely away from the vents. By doing so you will make way for the cool air to enter the unit.
  • The other reasons which your fridge might not be performing up to your expectation are a faulty compressor, the cold box is not at the right level, faulty or damaged door gaskets that must be replaced, insufficient electric supply, the fan motor is dirty or damaged, thermostat not working, etc.

You can hire an expert commercial fridge repairs specialist in Sydney to get the solution. They are the ones whom you can trust to offer you great service and on-time solutions at a reasonable price.

The refrigerator repair specialists of Fast Fridge Repairs are well trained, and experienced and have great skills to fix any kind of issue that you might be facing with your cold storage box. After inspection, we will tell you the issue and the things that need to be done to bring back the fridge in the best working condition. Not only that we will also provide you with a free price quote without any hidden cost so that you can easily make your decision. In short, we are your one-stop destination if you are looking for professional commercial fridge repair services near me.

What Are the Main Problems that Lead to Fridge Damage?

Fridge Damage

The thing is that not everyone tries to maintain the fridge in the way it needs to be done to avoid facing any kind of issue. Even when they see some minor issue they don’t make that much effort to fix it without delay. And when they face a big problem they start to panic. So you must not make any mistakes. Even if you are using your cold storage box safely still you might face issues due to some reason or the other that can lead to damage. Therefore to avoid all these things your top priority should be to hire the experts for fridge repairs in Abbotsford right on time. This is the best thing to do.

Main Causes of Fridge Damage


  • Lack of Maintenance

A brand new refrigerator can easily last for a minimum of 10 years and a maximum of 20 to 25 years or sometimes more. But this is only possible if routine maintenance is done right on time. Without this, you can’t expect that your fridge will run for a longer duration. You might have to change it after a year or two if you fail to maintain the cold storage appliance.

  • High Voltage Surge

If you are living in an area where there is a problem with high voltage then it might easily damage the different components of your refrigerator such as the compressor, coils, ice maker, control board, etc. To get the best possible solution to such a problem you should take the help of a professional that specialises in offering the best fridge repairs in Kingswood.

  • Failing to Fix Minor Issue on Time

Another reason that can damage the refrigerator is if you fail to fix the minor issue right on time. What people don’t understand is that the more they will avoid or make excuses to repair the small problem of the fridge the more complicated it will become with the passage of time. At some point in time or the other, the fridge will surely get damaged and they will be left with no other option than to buy a new one.

  • Poor Handling

Often it has been seen that people let the fridge door open for a long time, and they don’t get the time to call an expert for changing the broken motor fan, clean the condenser coils, repair the compressor, etc. In short, poor handling of the appliance by the owners also leads to damage and costly repair service.

The other reasons that lead to fridge problems are storing too many things than the storage capacity, keeping it close to the walls, refrigerant leakage, failure to replace the water filter on time, etc. To get the best possible solution you must make an effort to hire professionals for fridge repairs in Wetherill Park.

Fast Fridge Repairs is the name you can trust to get best-in-class refrigerator repair service and that too within a reasonable price. The expert fridge repair specialists of our company are in the industry for years. We have always been successful to exceed the client’s expectations by offering them the best fridge repairs in Kingswood. You can easily give us a call to book an appointment and we will be right there to help you out. You can trust our team to offer you a great and long-lasting solution.

Is Your Fridge Malfunctioning Too Often? These Might Be the Reasons

Fridge Repair

Fridge problems can occur due to several reasons. But is the one in your home or office giving you troubles every now and then? If yes, there can be certain reasons behind it and we will take a look at them here.

Since the problems are recurring, you will need to get a few things checked as well so that you can prevent further component malfunctions. Anyway, now let’s see what the reasons might be.

  • Electricity Fluctuations

Voltage fluctuations can cause substantial damage to the components in your fridge. These can happen anytime and if these are going on for too long, you will need to call an electrician and get the flow of electricity checked before you call the professionals who provide commercial fridge repairs.

The electricians will test the flow of current and the possible fluctuations. If they find the source of the problem, they will suggest to you the possible solutions with which you can protect not just your fridge but all the other appliances as well.

  • Wiring Problems

Frequent short circuits can lead to problems in your fridge, and the reason for this is nothing but faulty wiring. So, getting it checked is very important.

Again, you will need to contact electricians who will arrive at your place to check the wiring setup. They will look for faults and will repair them if they find them so that your fridge can stay protected.

  • Pest Infestation

A growing number of pests can lead to problems in your refrigerator. Generally, these are caused by rodents who can easily get inside the appliances and cut the wire. So, you will need to get your property inspected by pest controllers for rodents or insects that have the capability of causing damages to your appliance.

Getting rid of them will naturally keep your fridge running seamlessly.

  • Damages Caused by Water

If you have a water source near your fridge and water droplets somehow get inside the components of the fridge, they can cause substantial damages. So, it’s best to relocate your furniture. However, to diagnose if the problems are occurring frequently due to water, you will need to take the help of the professionals providing domestic fridge repairs.

You will need to describe your problems in detail to the professionals so that they can find out whether the damages are actually being caused by water.

  • Appliance Mishandling 

If you fail to handle your fridge correctly, you might notice frequent malfunctioning of the components. So, going through the fridge manual is extremely important.

You should follow the dos and don’ts written in the manual for it to work flawlessly. However, if you require an expert’s opinion, you should talk to a fridge repairer to guide you into the correct ways of handling your fridge.

  • Improper Placement

If the base of your fridge is not flat, some of the components inside might fail to work properly. To solve the problem you will need to call in specialists providing commercial and domestic fridge repairs.

They will set up the base of the fridge or will inspect and tell you the actual reasons for its malfunctioning.

Get Your Fridge Repaired By Experts Today

If you want experts to repair your fridge, Fast Fridge Repairs is the ideal company to contact. Also, if you want to get the cost of fridge repairs or if you have queries, our customer care executives will help you out when you call.

How Technicians Help Remove Odours From Your Fridge? 

How Technicians Help Remove Odours From Your Fridge 

Though fridge cleaning is not too difficult, if you experience consistent odours, you will need to call the repairers to check the source of the odour and remove them. So, today we will be taking a look at a few methods that the technicians use to check the source of the odour and how they help in removing them. So, if you are in Seven Hills, Cecil Hills, Penrith or St Marys and want to get an idea of how the professionals deal with odours in fridges, this discussion might help.

How Technicians Help Remove Odours From Your Fridge 

Continue reading “How Technicians Help Remove Odours From Your Fridge? “

Components That Professionals Inspect During a Fridge Repair

Fridge Repair

There are several components inside the fridge and the professionals providing the repairing service will need to check them when a problem appears.

The procedure of inspecting each component varies and the technician providing the fridge repairs in St Marys will follow them accordingly. So, now let us take a look at the components that will be checked and the procedures for checking them.

  • Inspecting the Temperature Control Unit

The temperature-control unit is a switch that supplies power to the fan circuits and the compressor in the fridge. If the fans and compressors are not operating normally and if there are temperature fluctuations in the freezer and food section, the professionals will check the cold control unit for problems. They will start with the sensing bulb or the capillary tube to see if they are damaged. Also, they will check if the wire terminals are working properly.

To test the temperature control unit the professionals will use the multi-meter.

They will shut down the power of the fridge and attach the multimeter probes to the fridge’s terminals and set it to the appropriate setting. If the test fails, they will need to replace the unit.

  • Checking the Evaporator Fan

The evaporator fan in the fridge circulates the cold air in all parts of the refrigerator. But if the fan malfunctions, temperatures in the fridge will rise and this will lead to a malfunctioning compressor as well.

If the professionals cannot hear the sound of the evaporator fan when the compressor is running, they will need to inspect the component.

Some technicians, however, do not possess the tools to inspect the evaporator fan. So, if they find that the problem exists in the fan, they might send the component for repairs. Therefore, when your fridge is down, if you find a company on the internet with the keyword ‘fridge repairs near me, you can ask them if they inspect the component at your place or if they send it for repairs.

Anyway, after turning the fridge off the technician will see if the motor shaft in the fan is turning freely. If it does, then they will check for ice on the motor as that is another factor that can disrupt the smooth operation of the fan.

  • Control Board

The control board can be found on some fridges. With these control boards, thermistors are connected to monitor temperatures in the freezer. The control board controls the temperature of the fridge when it goes above the threshold or goes lower than that. But if the temperature inside the fridge goes too high, it might be malfunctioning. So, the technicians providing the affordable fridge repairs will turn off the fridge, and inspect the control board for burns, defects, etc. And if any of these are found, they will replace the board.

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A Few Important Tools Used By Professionals to Repair Fridges

Fridges Repair

If your fridge is down, the professional providing the repairing service will first diagnose the fridge to find out the source of the problems, and after that, they will test the components before starting the repairs. For this, they will be using various tools and today, we will give you a brief overview of some of the most used tools that technicians in Wetherill Park use for repairing fridges.

Now, let’s dive into the classification of the tools.

  • The Swagging Equipment

This equipment is used at large by professionals providing fridge repairs in Wetherill Park. This tool is used for the expansion of the copper tube’s inside diameter and to make it equal to the outside diameter. By using this tool the professionals can also join two copper tubes that have an equal diameter. To do this, the professionals clamp the copper tube with this equipment until the same diameter is achieved.

  • Copper Tube Bender Tool

By using this tool, the repairer will be able to bend the copper tube inside the refrigerator. The equipment has half-round wheels that are molded in a three-size pattern. The sizes that you get on the tools are from 1/4 to 5/16, going up to 3/8 inch diameter. This tool really makes bending the copper tubes without much hassle.

  • Flaring Equipment

Another tool that repairers use often in refrigerator repairs is the flaring equipment. This is basically used for spreading copper tubes to form an outward flare. The technicians ream and file the copper tube before creating the flare. They insert the copper tube into the flaring block partially leaving with 30% of its diameter. Then, they complete the flare by turning the flaring yoke slowly. After that, they remove the copper tube for further inspection.

  • Brazing Torch Tool

Another important tool that professionals providing the refrigerator repairs in Wetherill Park use is the brazing torch. This is used for soldering the two ends of copper tubes. The procedure is carried out by adjusting the temperature to 800 degrees Fahrenheit.

The repairers use map gas or oxygen-acetylene for the soldering and they carry it out in a well-ventilated area. 

  • Wrench

Professionals providing the fridge repair use wrench that is equipped with an adjustable jaw. This wrench is used to disassemble several components and by using this one can easily control the nuts and bolts of several sizes. Also, due to its size, it can fit anywhere easily.

  • Screw Driver

Professionals providing Wetherill Park fridge repairs service use several types of screwdrivers for disassembling the components in a fridge. Also, these screwdrivers can be customized according to the size of the screws. This lets the professionals easily get into the hard-to-reach components inside a fridge.

  • Slip Joint Plier Tool

This is a special mechanical plier that is equipped with a slip joint. It helps in adjusting the size of the tool. It is a handy tool for repairs as well.

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At Fast Fridge Repairs, we provide affordable fridge repairs in Wetherill Park at competitive prices. So, if your fridge is giving you trouble, call us to book our services or to get a quote now.