Safety Precautions You Need to Take Before Installing an Aircon

Aircon Installation

For functioning properly, an air conditioning system needs an uninterrupted supply of power. But with that, proper electrical wiring and grounding are also required to prevent electrical surges that might damage the components inside the aircon. Also, if you do not fix these things or take the necessary precautions before calling the professionals to install the appliance, you might be putting yourself and the installer at risk because an electrical shock during the installation can seriously hurt the professional.

So, before you go ahead with the aircon system install, follow these steps.

  • Check the Power Requirements of the System

Each air conditioning system works differently. Their specifications will vary and so will be their power requirements. So, before buying or installing them, check if the electrical infrastructure in your property is capable of supplying the required power.

If it can, then you don’t need to worry. But if it cannot, you should set up the infrastructure. Else, you might face burnt power boards on your property of fire in the worst cases.

  • Check the Electrical Wiring and Grounding

Though we have already mentioned this previously, we are bringing this up again because most of the electrical hazards that occur in properties are due to improper electrical wiring and grounding.

A lack of electrical wiring can lead to a short circuit that might damage your air conditioning system. Moreover, these damages are not covered in the warranties. But most importantly, these short circuits can lead to a fire in your household or even electrocution in the worst cases. So, getting your wiring checked before the installation is always recommended. With this, you should install or check the grounding as it can help protect the system from electrical surges.

  • Make Sure there are No Water Sources Nearby

Though the air conditioning system will be installed in the wall and above the ground, you need to make sure that there are no water sources nearby or even pipes that carry water because if it gets inside the system, it can cause a short circuit. So, aircon installation experts in Sydney recommend that you get installed in a room where there are no water sources nearby.

  • Get Your Wall Inspected before the Installation

A weak wall can be dangerous for an air conditioning system. If a part of your wall breaks during or after the installation, it can cause injuries. Therefore, getting your wall inspected by a professional before the installation is always essential if you want to avoid accidents.

  • Trying to Install It All by Yourself

You should never try to install the air conditioning system by yourself if you are not a technician. If you do not or cannot follow the right methods, you might damage the appliance or if you are not careful enough, you can meet with accidents. Thus, assigning professionals is always the safest option.

  • Inspecting the Aircon

Though aircon installers in Sydney always inspect the appliance before installing, you should still ask them to do so just to be safe.

This is because a faulty system can lead to several electrical hazards. But if the faults are detected beforehand, accidents can be averted.

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