Addressing the Common Refrigerator Compressor Problems That May Plague You

Does your refrigerator carry one of the best brand names of the market? Maybe AEG, GE, NEC, Aeneg, or Skope?? Well – all these brands are extremely reputed and are famous for providing excellent refrigerating solutions.


Still, you may at times have a nightmare with your fridge. And mind you – this has NOTHING to do with the brand that you use. Regardless of the value and the reputation of the brand, devices do falter due to mechanical snags from time to time, and you have to live with that. This can be attributed to the fact that every electronic device depreciates and that is what shoots the repair service providers up in fame.

Coming back to the fridge-related issues that you can experience, nothing can be as frustrating as the ones connected to the compressor. But fret not! We at Fast Fridge Repairs come up with some high-class services that address those problems with your Skope fridge adequately.

But first things first. It is high time you should know various types of compressor-related issues and so that you can explain things to us as and when they unfurl.

Compressor Fan Stops


The compressor fan of the refrigerator is an integral component of the system. The function of the fan is to keep the interior of the motor cool in spite of its constant running.

You may at times find that the surface of the fridge getting warmer, and the refrigerator is making peculiar noises. Do NOT try anything to fix yourfridge. It is a specialist’s job and hence, get in touch with us at Fast Fridge Repairs. Our trained and seasoned techie will leave no stone unturned to solve the issue at the earliest.

Compressor Clicking Off and On Intermittently


At times you will find the compressor keeps on clicking on and off intermittently. Again, at times you may see that it is not running at all. The root cause behind this issue can very well be, an overloaded compressor.

This is a serious problem because if not addressed timely the compressor can very well explode, causing a disaster for your household. You can check the condition of the compressor of the fridge with the help of an amp meter. However, if you are not expert, it will be wise to leave the issue to be handled by our Skope refrigeration repair service personnel who are experts to handle problems like these.

The Fridge Not Getting Enough Cool


Then again, you will find that your Skope fridge is not getting cold enough. This can either happen to the entire interior, or certain areas may be warmer than the rest. You can test the compressor motor to be sure about it. How can you check it?

It’s better NOT to try yourself. Again just give us a call at the number you find on our website and an experienced techie will be right there at your service, not only to examine the compressor but to repair the issue as well.

Our mission and vision and the very motto of our business endeavour make Fast Fridge Repairs one of the best when it comes to fixing issues like these.

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