IS YOUR FRIDGE FREEZER OK? Here’s How You Detect What’s Wrong

Every Australian household spends large amounts of money on fridge repairs. And truth be told, it is also something that most of them (if not all) dread. But your fridge is an electronic device, and regardless of its brand and model, it’s only a matter of time when it malfunctions and requires professional repairs.


This brings to the inevitable question- “Is Your Fridge Freezer Failing You AGAIN?” Don’t freak out, as Fast Fridge Repairs brings you some honest advice on how you can identify your fridge freezer issues.

Detecting What’s Wrong?

Every fridge freezer sends out some indications that help owners determine if it already has an issue, or if one will arise, in time. The usual humming and buzzing are alright. But if they amplify or change considerably, then you could have an issue at hand.

The same thing can be said when your fridge freezer leaks water on to your kitchen floor. It means that there’s clearly something wrong with the defroster. Here’s listing those usual faults with fridge freezers which will help you know the problem.

Its Motor Runs Continually:-


With repeated opening and closing your fridge freezer; you are only making its motor run continuously. Its engine will try its best to keep the inside temperature at an optimal cooling level. So the trick is to reduce the number of times you open your fridge freezer and prevent its interiors from warming up.

Other than that:

  • Check if there is a layer of ice at the back of your unit.
  • Take a reading of your kitchen’s temperature and if it is high, then think of shifting your unit from there to a cooler location.
  • Also, check whether the fridge freezer is not overstuffed with food and drinks. Overloading the unit prevents proper air circulation, and this leads to cooling issues.

Its Internal Lights Don’t Work:-


If you notice that the lights inside your fridge freezer don’t work- don’t get all panicky.

  • It could be a fused bulb, or you accidentally knocked the plug out of ailment.
  • It could also be due to a faulty home circuit board or some electrical cord getting damaged or frayed.

Each of these issues can be dicey and so its best to ask our freezer repair technicians to have a close look at it.

Your Fridge Freezer Doesn’t Start:-


On returning home if you find your fridge freezer doesn’t start, do check its power socket. If it not connected properly, it could be the reason you are looking for.

Our repairing experts always recommend our clients to connect their fridge freezer unit directly its power socket. If you try and use an extension cord to power up your unit, it could evoke a problem in the future- causing it to overheat and even set up a bad fire.

If you find that the appliance still doesn’t respond- despite being connected directly to its socket; let our technicians know about it. They will be happy to troubleshoot it on your behalf.

Food Freezes:-


Does your foodstuff freeze regularly? If yes, then it means that the thermostat is set too cold. Foot items freeze when coming in contact with the rear walls- that’s below the freezing temperature!

Usually, most units have separate shelves to prevent this from happening. But if it still freezes your food despite altering the temperature settings, then call us.

Some More Signs:


  • A Noisy Fridge Freezer– Due to fan/fan motor blockages, ice build-ups, thermostat issue or even a faulty motor.
  • Lots Of Ice In The Freezer– Due to a faulty fan motor, blockage of air channels, thermostat faults.
  • The Freezer is Cold, But The Fridge Is Warm– Due to fan motor failure, electronic failure, weak compressor.

Final Words:

Being aware of all these symptoms makes it easier for you to decide what’s the best way to treat your fridge freezer. For more seamless and hassle-free fridge freezer repairs get in touch with our technicians.

  • They present same-day repairs.
  • They offer a 12-months warranty on all repair parts.
  • Have a public liability of 10 million.
  • Plus, our repair charges are as per the industry standard rates.

All that’s left for you is to make a call! So, what are you waiting?