Know Why Freezer Doors Use The Magnetic Seal- From Our Expert’s Desk

Freezers use magnetic sealing to make the cooling flawless. With a sealed enclosure, freezers trap air, and alternatively, it creates a positive system pressure inside.


So, if you open or close a freezer with less care, the positive pressure causes the pop-open effect to the door. So, if there is a magnet, it prevents the seal-breaking incidents from occurring.

What is the magnetic seal?


The magnetic seal takes care of the sealing between the door and freezer cabinet. It ensures that the cold air will stay inside so that the refrigeration compressor doesn’t have to run continuously. Even, the refrigeration unit will get an extended life span while saving the energy.

The magnetic seal of fridge gasket is found between the sealing doors and drawers of the refrigerator and freezer. The magnetic fridge seal is designed to hold the magnetic strip that ensures that the fridge door stays closed within an airtight seal. You may opt for fridge repair in northern beaches if you find your door sealing is loosing the grip like before.

How does the freezer door magnets work?


The simple freezer door magnets is a sturdy option to line a freezer door. There’s a magnetic core that mates with a flat plate on the swinging door. It creates the discrete fittings that are replaced by an extruded gasket to offer a flexible seal with magnetic properties. The magnetic gasket holds the swinging panel securely, even when the positive pressure rises.

What’s the reason for freezer door’s pop-open?


The complex air currents run across some units. With proper sealing, the chilled air temperature is controlled as well as a balance between the interior pressure and outer atmospheric pressure is maintained. If there is a spike of power output in the refrigeration unit, or there is another door opens suddenly, then it may cause a non-magnetised door open up all by itself. So, according to the law of physics, if the system will try to magnetise or balance the pressure, it may result in door pop-open.

Some door pop-open culprits:


Did you know apart from the manufacturing errors, the chemical process due to the perishable items cause a difference to the freezer pressure? Moreover, the defrosting cycle raises the enclosure temperature.

With the rise of temperature, the molecules become excited and so the internal pressure. Whereas the equipment consistently delivers the balanced volume of air, the opening of outside entrance can cause the pressure equalization.

While capping of the content here, I must say that multi-door freezers use magnetic seal too. With the sudden change in pressure, the freezer door can be opened unless there is any magnetic field is fitted. To close the frosty chamber and keep items chilled, magnets should be in good condition to anchor the door. Call, any fridge repair service in Sydney if you find a problem with door sealing or magnet. And, keep these details in mind, as the unsecured door can cause a crack, which will consume more energy upon being used.


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