4 Things To Do Prior To Calling In Fridge Repair Technicians

Its a real bummer when you find one of your major appliance malfunction. Case in point is your reliable refrigerator. You start to think:-

How long will this last?
Will you need to replace it?
What will the total cost of this affair?

Keeping these questions in mind, most owners dial-up their trusted fridge repairers serving their area and schedule an appoint.

“Fast Fridge Repairs”- your reliable experts for both residential and commercial fridge repairs knows this all too well. And as much as we love providing our clients with optimal repair and maintenance solutions; we also suggest them with few things to consider before picking up the phone.
fridge repair technicians

Check If The Refrigerator Unit Is Plugged In Or Not:-

Sounds ridiculous, right? But in the past; we have come across some overly panicky clients who without even checking if their unit was plugged in or not, called us in. And on our arrival, discovered that it was unplugged.

So, check if it plugged in, particularly if you have kids or pets in the house. Most refrigerators sit at high-traffic areas, and so there always lies the possibility of its wires getting loose from its wall connection.

Furthermore; also check the DB board (when faced with cooling problems). At times due to a storm or a power surge, it could cause a trip. So, look to flip the plug switch to reset it and re-check!

Inspect The Temperature Dial:-

This is because there is always the chance that someone altered the temperature reading inside. If you have roommates or a large family, then your fridge will be opened countless times, within which someone could have changed the temperature setting sensing that it was incorrectly set.

So, check that small dial inside your refrigerator unit and adjust the settings. Stick to 35 degrees F.

Ensure Its Doors Are Shut Properly:-

Do you notice water accumulate around your fridge? It could mean that the doors aren’t properly shut. Also, check if the seals are in proper shape or not. If they are not sealed as it should, the warm air that gets inside will cause condensation and melting of ice.

So, be watchful of the door. And if it is indeed a seal issue, then leave it at that. We will send our best technicians who have performed countless fridge repairs in Parramatta (and all other areas we target) to take care of it.

Lastly, Check If Dust & Debris Exist Under The Condenser Coils:-

If you’ve never cleaned your household refrigerator, then there is every chance that it will deteriorate in its functionality. So, even though we have your back; we would suggest you look for dust and debris under the condenser coils.

You probably may get surprised seeing so much filth existing when you inspect it and then perhaps realise why your refrigerator refuses to cool at optimal level.

So, there you have it- 4 key things that you should do before you dial for help. Your refrigerator could malfunction due to several reasons- some of which may actually be expensive!

Henceforth, for your closure, try out these common-sense actions to see if you could luckily make it work. Still, if it doesn’t, then you can always call us @ 0405972558.

Between 7.00 am to 7.00 pm. Our trusted and experienced technicians offering fridge repairs in Potts Point and in all Sydney suburbs will be happy to look into it.

If you have further questions or need tips and suggestions concerning fridge repairs or maintenance, speak to our diligent technicians today!