“DON’T LET THE ICE-CREAM MELT” – BEWARE Of These Common Ice Cream Freezer Issues

Being an ice-cream shop owner; you must enjoy watching little kids stand in front of the counter and scream for ice-cream…! But when your reliable ice-cream freezer malfunctions and your little customers find all their favourite flavours melted- there is no worse feeling.

Despite ice-cream freezers designed for long hours of use every day, like any other machine, it is prone to occasional damages and malfunctions.
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To cope up with this inconvenient scenario (and prevent it from happening again in the future); “Fast Fridge Repairs”- your trusted experts in fridge repairs in Penrith lists out those common issues you need to watch out for.

A Defective Power Source Causing The Unit To Malfunction

If you find that your ice-cream freezer is not working as well as it should, then it could be due to a defective power source. To prevent this issue; you should look to check whether the power cord is damaged or whether the fuse is working effectively or not.

If you come across one or both of these signs; you should replace it immediately. And if you sense that the freezer is broken and needs attention, summon our experts of fridge repairs in St Marys to fix it ASAP!

Thermostat Issues With Your Ice-Cream Freezer

Another common issue which you should be wary of is your ice-cream freezer thermostat. It could be the reason why your cooling unit doesn’t cool as effectively as it should. You can troubleshoot this by adjusting the thermostat temperature.

But if the issue persists; you should contact our experts to see if the thermostat has some internal issues.

A ‘Bee-Like’ Sound Comes From The Compressor

Do you hear you ice-cream freezer produce a bee-like sound? If so, then it’s a telltale that the compressor coil needs replacing. You should also check if the evaporator, fan or the condenser coil works properly or not. Look out for possible leaks or indications for freezer damages.

And if you do find evidence, tell our experts specialising in a variety of fridge repairs in Cecil Hills on the same day.

Problems With The Self-Defrost Mechanism

Most modern-day freezers (commercial and even residential) consist of in-built defrost mechanisms which help to remove the excessive frost accumulation around them. It also helps keep the unit clean and efficient.

But with dust, age and repeated use; your ice-cream freezer could develop some glitches in the self-defrost system. Being responsible for your commercial ice-cream freezer; you should clean the unit properly and frequently to keep it from dust, dirt, germs and bacteria.

Light Issues In Your Ice-Cream Freezer

Lastly, if your ice-cream freezer light doesn’t come on when you turn on the unit, then it could be because the lamp is corroded or open. And, if it the former, then tell our fridge repair technicians to replace it professionally.

These are only those common issues which malfunction your ice-cream freezer from time to time. Several other complex issues may also come about- particularly when your ice-cream freezer is old.

So, if you come across any of these aforementioned issues (or any other intricate internal issue), call us @ 0405972558, and get a free quote!