Is Your Wine Cooler NOT COOLING? Perhaps It’s For These 4 Reasons!

When it comes to dealing with wine coolers, they hardly get the love and care they deserve. These appliances are hardly used on a regular basis except for those far and few casual gathering with friends and family.

Regardless of the frequency of use, a common nightmare for most homeowners is when you find that your stockpiled wine has gone bad due to improper cooling, humidity, lighting, power issues.

There are lots of reasons for your wine cooler to not cool as well as it should. And though it is not possible to cover all of them; Fast Fridge Repairs presents you a clear list of the commonest ones encountered so far.

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1. Issues In The Compressor

First and foremost issue with your wine cooler is a malfunctioned compressor. Failure to this aspect of your unit may lead to temperature issues, lack of power supply, which could lead to starting issues.

Another possibility is when the unit’s compressor overheats and eventually malfunctions. This also leads to the same issue.

The best way to take care of this issue is to summon our refrigerator repair technicians in Double Bay to handle it. Using our vast field knowledge and equipment; we will restore your compressor in no time.

2. Capacitor Fails To Start The Compressor:

The unit’s capacitor is what starts the compressor by sending a boost of energy to it. If the unit fails to do so, then it is safe to assume the compressor won’t start functioning. And that will cause your wine not to cool properly.

3. The Thermostat Appears To Be Broken:-

Another repeated issue which causes a wine cooler to malfunction is when the thermostat appears to be broken. Another way of determining it is that the thermostat temperature sensors are not working as well as they should.

If the sensor conveys the wrong information to the unit’s fans, which leads to cooling down improperly. It can be difficult to identify this issue, especially if you have no prior experience in dealing with it.

Fortunately; our wine freezer repair technicians serving Double Bay have the experience and the knowledge to isolate the issue and fix it accordingly.

For 100% service guarantee with warranted spare parts, schedule an appointment with us.

4. A Broken Fan Could Also Be A Reason:-

Another clear reason why the temperature inside your wine cooler goes up is due to a broken fan. The issue could happen even if one of its fans are broken.

Our experts, having dealt with such issues in the past will be more than happy to fix it (or replace it) properly and swiftly. Another possibility is when your unit’s fan gets obstructed by dust and debris a’nd requires proper cleaning and maintenance.

Whatever be the issue at hand; you should inform our experts of Fast Fridge Repairs by calling at 0405972558 anytime between 7.00 am to 7.00 pm.

Performing a wide range of residential/commercial refrigeration repairs Sydney at reasonable rates for years; we look forward to making you one of our many satisfied customers.