Reasons Why Your Refrigerator’s Fresh Food Compartment is Warming Up

Is your refrigerator’s fresh food compartment warming up soon? Well, warming up of fresh food compartment of refrigerator happens often. This issue can take place due to various reasons. To resolve this issue, you need to apply effective repairing methods. However, repairing methods require proper expertise. Hence, it is better to hire certified technicians for this job.

Here is why your refrigerator’s fresh food compartment is warming up…

The Damper Control Assembly

The damper within the fridge is responsible for controlling the flow of cold air transmitting from the freezer to the food compartment. In case, the damper is stuck in a tight position, and the airflow is restrained, implying that the temperature of the refrigerator will begin to rise. Replacing the defected damper is a repair task that most appliance owners can manage themselves. However, if you cannot do the repairing task yourself, it is better to hire professional fridge repairs.

Ways to Replace the Damper Control Assembly in the Refrigerator

1) Open the door of the food compartment and place the damper control assembly in the top of the left corner. Prior to accessing the damper, one must remove the cover and for doing so, simply unthread the two screws protecting the cover with the refrigerator’s wall. Pull off the cover and place the damper safely.

2) Prior to the removal of damper cover, it is essential to disconnect the wire harness running through the ceiling of the refrigerator. After disconnecting the wires, pull the damper from the wall of a fresh food compartment. Since the damper is positioned with adhesive; one must use a little amount of force while removing it. On successful detachment of the damper, slide the sensor of temperature out of the housing and clean out the adhesives leftovers from the wall beforehand installing the damper control assembly.

3) For initiating the process of installation, it is needed to remove the adhesive backing from the old dampers foam gasket and attach it to the new one. After this, peel off the second adhesive of the gasket to align the damper control assembly with the refrigerator’s wall opening. Ensure to press on firmly for making sure that grip of adhesive is secure.

4) It is essential to re-link the wire harness alongside sliding the temperature sensor within the housing in the corner of the refrigerator.

5) Hold the damper control assembly, then place it above the damper, then with the two screws removed earlier reattaches it.

6) After closing the door of the food compartment, plug in the appliance; keep track of the interior temperature of the fridge for ensuring that it drops to an apt setting. Since all the steps require expert knowledge to perform, it is better to opt for experienced professionals who do fridge repairs in Sydney.

The Defrost Thermostat

The defrost thermostat within the appliance controls the temperature when the heater is turned off and on. In case the thermostat is not functioning properly, the heater will remain turned off that will lead to freezing the coils of the evaporator. When this takes place, the flow of air transmitting through the evaporator coils is restrained, implying that the fridge will not cool down. For replacing the defrost thermostat, follow the below repair guide or opt for professional fridge repairs Bondi to get the task done properly.

Ways to Replace the Defrost Thermostat in the Refrigerator

1) Open the freezer door and remove all the shelves and bins of the compartment. Pull off the light bulb cover once you got the rear panel, and unscrew the freezer light bulb.

2) Hold the rear panel in a proper place and unthread the screws, and then take the panel out of the freezer.

3) Carefully pull out the refrigerant tubbing from the defective thermostat. Cut the wires connected to the thermostat with a wire cutter.

4) Now you can install the new thermostat and connect the wires with it.

5) Lastly, reassemble the freezer compartment.

6) To check whether it is done correctly or not, you need to plug your fridge back and keep tabs on the temperature in your fresh food compartment to ensure it begins to climb.

Thus, these were the reasons why your refrigerator’s fresh food compartment is warming up along with the steps to repair them. However, this requires expert knowledge, which you might not have. Hence, it is better to opt for certified professionals who do fridge repairs in Ashfield.

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