About to Buy a Refrigerator? Know How to Make the Right Choice

Buying a refrigerator is no doubt a bid deal- a wrong choice can make you bear the consequences for years to come. So, before heading to the appliance shop, a little bit of planning or knowledge will go a long way. Surprisingly, there are many pitfalls to avoid. And, in this content, our fridge repair professionals in Ashbury suggest a few things to keep in mind before stepping into the store.
buy a refrigerator

Not to Buy the Wrong Fridge Style:

 Refrigerators are large boxes, but they are far from being only cold storage. They come in a range of shapes, sizes and designs. Each of the style has specific strength and weakness. Whereas some cheap models come up with many fancy features, there are a few sophisticated ones that come with alert or whistles with bigger sizes and higher price.

Buying the wrong appliance style means you will suffer from a higher bill, or sometimes it doesn’t fit at all to the location you’re targeting to keep it.

Top Freezers:

 Classic fridge design with top freezer-style are into the market for decades. They have the main section for fresh food and a smaller freezer compartment just above it. So, when you want to store frozen items, this style is not the ideal one. Professionals for fridge repairs in Ultimo suggest a model with top freezer is the basic appliance that lacks automatic ice makers and in-the-door water dispenser. If you want to save money, but doesn’t need anything extras; this is an ideal model you can buy.

Bottom Freezer:

Usually, refrigerator with bottom freezer come in larger sizes than a fridge with top freezers. Due to having the reverse layout, such models come up with a freezer at the bottom section, and the chilled section sits above that. Though it provides easy access to the fresh items, it becomes quite tougher to reach the frozen area. However, if you want more room for frozen items, and looking for a model to give you easy access to fresh items, then the bottom freezer is the ideal one.

Side-By-Side Models:

 With such a refrigerator model, you can put a balance between saving space with some extra features in it. The unit opens from the middle with 2 doors- one for the freezer and another one for the fridge. The doors are quite narrow due to the split and do not swing out far. According to fridge repair experts in Ashfield, it could be the ideal choice, if there is ample storage with some modern features in a narrow kitchen.

French Door:

This model comes up with the combination of the bottom freezer and side-by-side models. This model comes up with the advanced features with some connected functions and special compartment. French door models come up with a variety of fridge colours and finishes. If you want all modern features with whistles and go beyond the budget, then this model is an ideal choice.

Lastly, our fridge repair professionals in Parramatta suggest no matter what the fridge style you choose, it will turn into a blunder if you do not check the place you want to fit it. Make sure the new appliance will squeeze into the same spot as your existing refrigerator.

Why not measure the dimension of your old unit? And then compare them with the new fridge model you are about to purchase. It is equally important to measure the counter depth, as a few models can stick out beyond the counters. Measure your entry points too- hallways, basement doors and your front door. Measuring these areas can help you to avoid unwanted complications. For more such details, consult with our professionals at 0405 972 558.