Pertinent Questions You Need To Ask Before Installing an Aircon

To make sure that you won’t be facing hazards or any other problems after installing an aircon in your home or office; you will need to ask a few questions to your installer before the installation process. So, are you wondering what they are? Well, go through each of the questions one by one and you will gain the idea.

So, let’ not delay and delve into the question right away.

aircon installation
aircon installation

1) Licence and Insurance of the Installer

Before booking an installation service, ask the aircon installation service provider if they are a licenced company and whether the installers are all insured. That way, you can get peace of mind knowing that the installation will be carried out by experienced professionals. Also, you can expect that you will be guided by licensed installers regarding the electrical framework in your home and the type of aircon you should be buying.

2) Experience of the Installer

No wonder, an experienced installer can install the aircon better than a professional will little or no experience. Moreover, getting the aircon installed by a professional is always safer. So, ask the provider if the professionals carrying out the installation services have enough experience for the job.

3) Contractors or Employed Professionals

Some companies get the aircon installation done by hiring contractors. But the problem is that since they are not employees, there is no guarantee that they will be carrying out the work with caution and perfection. Thus, hiring an employed professional from a company is always recommended. So, you will need to ask the company whether they will be sending employed professionals or contractors for the installation before booking the service.

4) Asking for References

Right before you book the aircon installation service, ask the provider of the same to give you a few local references. This way, you can determine whether they carry out the service on an everyday basis or if they are just freelancers.
Quite naturally, you should not hire the latter since they are mostly unlicensed and cannot carry out the aircon installation with 100% accuracy which can lead to different types of hazards later.

5) Punctuality

You will need to ask about the punctuality of the professionals carrying out the aircon installation. Quite naturally, you don’t want the professionals to arrive after the specified time. So, before hiring, ask the company employing them whether they arrive on time.

If they give you a guarantee regarding punctuality, you can rest assured that the installation will be completed by the professionals on time.

6) Are There Any Hidden Costs for the Service?

This is another important question that you will need to ask the aircon installers. This is because quite often it has been seen that additional charges are levied over the final quote for appliance inspection, etc. However, if you can learn about the final price, it will become easier for you to choose the company providing the installation service.

By asking these questions, you will get an idea about whether you should choose the company or not.

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