Make Use of both Cooling & Heating Mode – Prepare Your AC for Winters

When it is cold outside and the temperature plunges to 0° or goes below than that, your air conditioner has to deal with the freezing condition. But how? To deal with such low temperature, the air conditioning unit must have the reverse cycle air conditioner unit that deals with defrost mode. In this content, you will see how to upkeep your AC in coming winter.

prepare ac for winters

Let the Defrost Mode Work

Two things, both heating and cooling work in reverse cycle air conditioning and the unit will reverse the flow of refrigerant to either cool or heat the inside. Take help of professional air-conditioner repairing providers in Sydney to make your defrost system ready for winters. Well, when you need heat inside, the outdoor receives the cool refrigerant, but the problem arises when it is winter outside.

When the unit tries to cool the outside in low temperature, it starts freezing. This is when the unit temperature freezes the internal moisture and cause frost build-up. To cope with the freezing condition, the reverse cycle air conditioning unit must monitor both the temperature of the coil and outdoors. Since the design of the coil makes it too cold while functioning, the unit starts defrosting itself. The reverse cycle air conditioning can reverse from cooling to heating and vice versa.

What if the Defrost Mode Didn’t Work?

To let your AC work properly, defrost mode has to be flawless. Without deforestation, a thick layer of ice will form over the outdoor unit and its coil. Eventually, the performance of your AC will degrade. Due to the inefficiency of the coil, the amount of heat pulled from the outside will reduce. Even, the coil inefficiency will reduce the amount heat that an air conditioning unit can pump inside.

Is Your AC Cooling in the Midst of Winter?

Nobody wants AC to run in cooling mode. Fortunately, manufacturers of air conditioning understand you don’t want cooling in winters. This is where the reverse cycle air conditioning unit works to minimise the cold draughts by stopping the indoor fan from running. Hence, no cold air will be left inside the unit, during the defrost cycle.

Reset the Fan on the Controller

Some air conditioning unit will continue blowing even in the cooling mode, in that case, change the setting from CONSTANT mode to AUTO mode. Moreover, the “heating dead band” should be kept it in mind, as it is the point when the unit reaches the set temperature and stops heating. Again, when the room temperature goes down to set temperature, the unit automatically decide to heat again.

Stop Water Condensation on the Coil

It is quite common during the winter season, since the outdoor unit both cools and dehumidifies. During the dehumidification process, water is condensed on the outdoor coil and drip on the ground. The constant water dripping cause moisture growth and the salt damp attract the white ants. Hence, the water should be drained properly using the drain pan and pipe.

Moreover, if the temperature sensor does not work properly or if the system is short on refrigerant, it will go into defrost cycle more often. You will find defrost cycle will be more apparent in early mornings or the evenings, i.e. when the temperature is low.

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