Is Your Fridge Making a Knocking Sound While Running? Ways to Repair It

People are time and again daunted by malfunctioning refrigerators. However, it is not only refrigerators that are to be blamed. Every electrical appliance develops snags in some way or the other, sooner or later. It’s not a very big deal.


However, when gadgets like fridges, microwaves, washing machines, HVAC systems, induction ovens and likes go for a toss, the difference is all the more palpable. This is because any mishap involving these gadgets directly affects our livelihood. A television or a home theatre will not do so, from that aspect!

Well, let us come back where we started from – a malfunctioning fridge. There are so many problems that a refrigerator can be down with.

Some of them are elementary, while others are pretty complicated. Of them, a noisy fridge is one. This is something that sends people running for a quality fridge repair company, and this is where we, at Fast Fridge Repairs make the difference.

Indeed, we get calls from people complaining about their fridge making too much noise while running. Here are the few problems that we get complaints about.

Too Much Vibration


At times, the fridge vibrates too much while running, generating a sound. This happens when it runs against any fixed surrounding surface. This is an elementary issue and just changing the position of the fridge will solve it.

However, it also happens when the compressor malfunctions. If so, then you have your task cut out. The best thing that you can do is get in touch with us for prompt fridge repairs in Double Bay. Our techies, with all their experience, will unearth the exact cause and fix the problem at the earliest.

An Intermittent Knocking Sound

There are times when we receive SOS from people who complain that their fridge is making a rhythmic knocking sound while it runs.

Again, one primary reason for such an issue is a defective compressor. In most cases, the sound surfaces mostly when the fridge is switched on and off. The fridge also starts and stops with a jerk.

The compressor is located at the posterior and can easily be accessed. However, we strongly recommend that you do not try DIY stuff unless you are an expert with necessary training and qualification. Instead, you should immediately get in touch with a professional who is specialised in addressing the problem and fix it.

In most of these cases, the compressor needs to be repaired, cleaned or replaced. Now, this is a specialist’s job – to say the least and what better name can help you than us?

A Constant Louder Than Normal Buzzing Sound

fridge sound

Yes!!! This is another perpetual problem that people at time whine about. In most cases, this is caused by a faulty condenser fan. It happens when the fan gets clogged with too much tint, resulting in a marked reduction of air flow. It is this, what results in that buzzing, knocking or whistling sound.

You can disconnect the power, take off the thin panel that covers the condenser fan, cleanse the fan using a soft brush, and then put back the cover plate and put on the power. See if the sound is still generated.

If yes, then get in touch with our techies. When it comes to fridge repairs in Kingswood, we at Fast Fridge Repairs are one of the most reputed names that you can put your stakes on. Go to our web site and get in touch with us at the earliest. See what difference we make!