“Fridge On The Fritz”- Should You Repair It Or Replace It?

When your refrigerator goes on the fritz- it is no laughing matter! In fact; many times; you will find owners getting pissed and willing to pull their hair out in frustration.

Your fridge is one of the most important appliances in your house. It helps keep your stored food and edibles cold and safe. Not to forget those times when you needed ice or cold water to tend to your home party guests. When the unit malfunctions, it brings along lots of inconveniences which you may not always be prepared for.

That brings to the million-dollar question:- “Should You Look To Repair Your Refrigerator or Replace It?”

“When To Repair Your Fridge?”

One of the best ways to decide whether your refrigerated unit is worth repairing or not is to check how it performs. It the unit is very old- say almost a decade old; you possibly may have to bear the burden and cost of fridge repairs at frequent intervals. And that means every time your reliable cold storage unit goes on the fritz; you will need to invest in them.
fridge fritz repair replace
But, if your refrigerator is not that old and doesn’t malfunction as much as decade-old devices, then the option for budget-friendly repairs seems a more sane decision.

Here are some indications that your refrigerator needs professional repair.

Issue With The Thermostat Coil or Its Air Vent:-

Your refrigerator temperature should be below 40oF, and 0o F in its freezer. But if not, then your unit could be having thermostat coil issues, vent issues, or air-circulation problem. And left unchecked, it could also result in leakage issues.

If The Unit Is Making Strange Noises:-

Have you heard your refrigerator making strange noises whenever it operates for a long time? If so, then the issue could be to a bad fan. If the noise is coming from the bottom of the unit, then the rattling drain pan could be the culprit.

If The Unit Cannot Seal The Cool Air Properly Inside:-

If your reliable cold storage unit doesn’t let the cool air escape, then it may require experienced professionals to check it out. Such issues result when the fridge doors don’t seal properly and allow the cool air to escape. And when that happens, it prevents the unit from cooling properly and causes food spoilage problems.

If Your Machine Is Not Producing Ice As Before:-

If you notice that your refrigerator is not producing as much ice as it used to before, then there’s a sign that your machine may require professional repairs. The cause could be due to some internal issue that’s happening and trying DIY repairs could prove fatal for your unit.

“When To Replace Your Old Refrigerator?”

Truth be told, there is no such thing that a mechanical unit like your fridge will perform efficiently forever! If anything, some issues will keep coming up and likely point towards an inevitable replacement.

Still Here Are Some Indications:-

If the cost of your refrigerator repair is half the price of the new refrigerator.

If your unit is over 15-20 years old and despite being repaired numerous times is barely managing to operate.

If you’re aiming for more energy savings and because of this want to upgrade to a more energy-efficient model.


To speak rationally, if your unit is old, cannot live up its cooling expectations, undergoes common issues frequently, and requires lots of energy, then it is time to let it go! But, if not, then you can contact “Fast Fridge Repairs serving Liverpool NSW and Northern Beaches.

Having quality repairers serving all across Sydney; we will have our experts come down and perform a pre-service inspection to determine its condition.

If replacements are needed; our specialists of fridge repairs serving Sydney will use quality and 12-month warranted spare parts procured from quality manufacturers for 100% service satisfaction.

Whatever your refrigerator issue; our specialists will back themselves to repair it on that same day at budget-friendly rates.

Whether you choose to replace or repair your fridge is completely your call. Just know that if you want to go for reasonable repairs; our qualified professionals will present you with quality repair plans to help save your money in the long-haul.

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