Effective Hacks From Our Experts To Prevent A Commercial Fridge Breakdown!

If ever there was a mystery that homeowners wanted to solve, it was-
“How to keep their commercial refrigerator functioning properly without any potential breakdowns?”

To answer this question properly, experts of “Fast Fridge Repairs” – your reliable refrigeration repair service provider presents you with some smart suggestions to follow.

Always Set The Right Temperature:-

Similar to an AC; your commercial refrigerator should be set at the proper temperature to ensure it runs effectively and cost-conveniently.

commercial fridge breakdown!

The right temperature to set should be around 37-40 degrees F, and the freezer temperature should be 5 degrees F for optimum cooling. And doing so will keep your stored food items safe and consumable for your customers.

Prevent Mould & Contaminated Ice:-

Smelly and spotted ice can drive your customers away. Plus, it can also make them sick as neglected ice machines can house Salmonella, E-Coli, Listeria and many other bacteria.

Furthermore, the presence of dirt and mould inside your commercial unit also makes those stored items unsafe for consumption. The best remedy to this is to schedule weekly maintenance with us.

We will be happy to come over and thoroughly clean the water lines, dispensers, bins and other components of your commercial refrigerator. Plus; our top-quality cleaning and maintenance services will also increase the ice-yield of your unit and make it function like new.

Never Ignore Those Strange Noises:-

If you sense your commercial refrigerator making some strange noises- like a buzzing or clicking sound- let us know immediately. In most cases, cracking is due to the build-up of ice, so do check that aspect first.

Be Prepared For Unforeseen Emergencies:-

Many make the mistake of keeping their commercial fridge doors open when there is a sudden loss of power. Our commercial fridge maintenance experts believe that your commercial fridge/freezer can keep your stored items cold for 24-48 hours (at max)- provided if they are left alone.

Ensure The Doors Are Opened Less:-

This could be a bit of a cliche, but in truth, it stands as one of the most effective tips to keep your commercial fridge function effectively. The concept is simple- opening the door too many times, will result in warm air getting into the unit, thus forcing it to function overtime.

And when that happens; your commercial unit consumes more energy and eventually leaves you with a big monthly bill. To prevent this, develop a habit of keeping the doors closed when you have no use of it.

For Any Repair or Maintenance Service- Get In Touch!

These are some of those crucial tips that you should keep in mind to ensure your refrigerator functions effectively for a long time. However, if your commercial unit is old and prone to frequent malfunctions or repairs, then it could be a good idea to allow our technicians to check it out thoroughly.

So, whether you need a commercial freezer repair service or weekly maintenance arrangement, call us unhesitantly @0405972558. We will provide you with the convenience of same-day service and even use 12-month warranted spare parts at budget-friendly rates.