An Account of a Bad Fridge Run Capacitor – a Bird’s Eye View

A bad capacitor of a fridge is the nightmare of a household. You may hate it either, as you might have come across it in the past. However, regardless of how much you hate it, that does not help you keep the fiasco at bay. It will come back to you – from time to time, no matter how good your refrigerator is. Remember, even refrigerators from the best brands develop snags that one of the main reasons is indeed a bad capacitor.

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bad fridge run capacitor

What is the Function of the Capacitor?

Yes, this is one of the most important parts of the entire chapter. How to detect a bad capacitor? A number of refrigerators come up with wiring diagrams at the back. This diagram gives a clear idea of the locations of the various parts of the refrigerator.

Normally, the run capacitor of the fridge is located in a black or white box close to the compressor. The wiring that comes out of this box directs the compressor when it needs to cool the contents of the refrigerator. Under normal circumstances, a compressor would run for just a few minutes in an entire hour. However, if the fridge is opened and closed frequently, it may run for more, to make things cooler inside.

It is the run capacitor, which supplies the power to the compressor when the Post Temperature Coefficient (PTC) gets hot. This heat then turns on the capacitor, switching it on. Thus, the compressor gets into the action, cooling down the fridge.

Hence you see, it is the capacitor that supplies power to the compressor, which is the base of the fundamental functionality of a fridge – that is keeping things cool! Therefore, when the capacitor goes for a toss, the entire mechanism of the fridge collapses, raising the need to summon a techie from a reputed company that carries out fridge repairs in Sydney or any other city in Australia.

A Few Words about Maintenance

It is imperative to keep the area around the compressor as well as the run capacitor clean. This will help to keep at bay several problems. Thus, even if your fridge does not show any symptom of capacitor or compressor malfunction, it is ideal to opt for a service call at regular intervals to make sure the compressor and the capacitor are at the pink of the condition at any given point in time. This is why getting into a contract with a reputed company for regular maintenance is so important.

What Are the Warning Signs?

Now, let us come to the crux of this discussion. Certain telltale signs will unmistakably tell you that there is something wrong with the run capacitor of your fridge.

Firstly, the fridge will not get cool enough. And the compressor fan will stop working from time to time or will stop completely, and the compressor will keep on clicking on and off, and things inside the refrigerator will not be cool enough.

Now coming to the nature of the problems, they will be quite similar to the compressor malfunction. The reason is quite understandable – either the source of the issue is the compressor itself, or the run capacitor that does not supply normal power to the compressor, thereby giving rise to the problems.

Hence, the best option in this scenario is to summon a technician from a company that is authorised to carry out Fisher and Paykel Fridge repairs if your fridge is from this brand.

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