How to Upkeep Your Refrigerator to Ensure a Long Life

When the weather makes it difficult by rising temperature and humidity, a refrigerator has to work harder to do its cooling job. Well, besides the optimal function of refrigerators, you should ask your children and young adults not to keep the refrigerator door open and decide what to eat by standing in front of it.

With simple maintenance and cleaning procedure, you can extend the life of refrigerator. When it comes to maintaining the fridge, it is better that you take help of professional fridge repairs in Strathfield. Here are few things to upkeep your fridge for optimal performance and to keep the food items fresh.

Clean Condenser Coils

Clean Condenser Coils

A dusty condenser coil makes it hard for refrigerators to maintain the cooling inside the fridge. Eventually, it causes higher energy bills and shortens the life of refrigerators. Well, to prevent such things from happening, professionals use vacuum cleaning to remove the dust build up. Whether the coils are located underneath or behind the refrigerator, it all depends on the model you are using. However, professionals remove the grill and get access to the coils.

Take a Look at Drip Pan and Drain Hole Cleaning

Check Drip Pan and Drain Hole for Cleaning

Drip pan and drain hole, both are important components to carry the water after the frost melts. Hence, it is crucial that such parts work properly.

In order to avoid any condensation, it is important to remove the food particles and mineral depositions from the drain hole. You can do by reading user’s manual or take help of a trusted fridge repairs in Ryde. Professionals have certain tools and equipment to clear the hole and scrub out the drain pan.

Gasket Cleaning

Gasket Cleaning

The gasket functionality is to seal the cold air inside and doesn’t let the warm air get into the fridge. So, gasket defines the efficiency of your fridge, and hence you make sure that the seal is strong enough to maintain air tightness. Take a careful look at the gaskets and find if spots or cracks are there. With their tools, professionals check the resistance of fridge doors, i.e. how easily they are opening.

Replace the Water Filter Often

Replace the Water Filter

If your refrigerator has the ice maker, you are probably familiar with the water filters that need to be frequently changed. Moreover, it is considered as better if you replace the water filter every six months.

Check the Door Sealing

Check the Door Sealing

If you see that the refrigerator doors are not closing on their own or if you find that the door seal is not as tight as they are supposed to be, energy may loss there. Check to see if your fridge door is properly levelled. Adjust the feet until you achieve the desired level.

Few Tips to Stick On:

  • Keep the freezer at a good distance from the wall to prevent the overheating.
  • Keep your freezer full to maintain a better temperature.
  • Use the right containers (thicker glass or plastic) that are designed freezer.
  • Allow foods to cool down before you put them in the freezer.
  • Don’t put a lot of stuff at once.
  • Choose the freezer that comes with the auto-defrosting feature.

To get most of your refrigerator, check out the user’s manual to find if there is any additional maintenance has been recommended or not. It is better if you schedule your refrigerator cleaning in advance to upkeep it for optimal performance.

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