Tips that Will Minimise the Frequency of Commercial Fridge Repairs

You cannot make an effort to let your fridge – commercial or domestic, thrown out of gear too often. That will sound like a disaster for the household or the business it is engaged at. Particularly, when it comes to maintaining your commercial fridge, you need to be cautious.

Yes, there are a number of companies in and around your locality that offer commercial fridge repairs, but you cannot let your appliance be taken over by their techies quite often, as it will cost you production time as well as money. Thus, the only way to save all these is to keep your fridge in the pink of health and glory. And for that, you need to follow some tips.

Commercial Fridge Repairs

Clean the interior and exterior of your fridge thoroughly

Schedule cleaning sprees periodically without failure as this will help you a lot keeping the interior and exteriors of your fridge in the best conditions. When doing so, remove the content from the interior, including the shelves and indulge in a thorough cleaning. You can use a soft brush to scrub the interior walls carefully. Use a solution made up of warm water, soap and vinegar for the cleaning.

Cleaning the condenser coil

This is another very important step that you need to take if you are to keep commercial fridge repairs to a minimum. You need to clean the condenser coils routinely, and most of the manufacturers would recommend cleaning once in every month. And remember, there are certain safety rules and regulations that the manufacturers have set for their respective products. That’s the reason, it is better to opt for professionals for cleaning the condenser coils.

Taking care of the evaporator coil

Just like the condenser coil, you need to keep the evaporator coil clean as well. It is one of the most vital components of a commercial refrigerator. The coil is located right next to the evaporator fan, and it absorbs the heat of the hot air as it passes through the refrigerator system, thus helping the interior to keep cool. Any dust or dirt on these coils will be detrimental to its health, and the coil will fail to absorb the heat, thus resulting in inadequate cooling. Again, it is better if you summon professionals to clean the evaporator coil and check its health.

Keeping a watch on the gaskets and cleaning it frequently

The gaskets or the rubber strips along the edge of the refrigerator door that helps the door to stick to the frame, is notorious for its propensity of stiffening and cracking with time. It also accumulates oil and grease, dirt and dust that prevent the door from sticking. Thus, you need to clean it periodically and see if there is any crack. You need to replace the gasket if you find it stiff, so much so that the door does not face any problem closing.

Checking the air filters

Air filters in commercial fridges often get clogged by grease and dust that originate from the fryers and griddles. When these unwanted elements accumulate on the air filters in great amounts, it prevents proper ventilation of the air, thus affecting the cooling effect. That’s the reason you need to check the air filters frequently if you are to keep your stints with professionals offering fridge repairs in Sydney at the minimum.

Thus, you see, all these steps will help you to keep the technical snags of your commercial fridge a once-in-a-blue-moon affair. However, if you face any issue, or if you need any assistance in cleaning Fast Fridge Repairs is around to help you. Call us at 0405972558 to book a service call.