Signs That Your Ducted Air Con System Needs Repairs

Bigger complexes with sprawling areas are better conditioned by ducted aircon systems than by any other variety. That’s because a quality network of ducts will let a uniform distribution of the air conditioning effect, thereby helping to take the most of the system. However, even if the ductwork is set up and the aircon system is installed by the best aircon install service provider, they do not last forever. At times, the system will need overhauling, servicing, repairs and maintenance. And when they need it, they will return certain telltale signs. You just have to read those signs and immediately hire a reputable aircon repair company of your location to make amends.

Aircon Install and Repair
Aircon Install and Repair

Let us discuss the signs that will tell that your ducted air conditioning system will need repairs.

A faulty or damaged ductwork

As the term suggests, ducting lies at the very heart of the ‘ducted aircon system’. Thus, if the ductwork gets damaged or faulty, the entire air conditioning system collapses. Thus, when after usage of several years, the ductwork suffers wear and tear, develops punctures here and there, it affects the performance and cooling effect of the system. The cool area gets escape routes through the cracks and the cooling decreases. When that happens, it’s time for a repair of the ductwork.

Blocked ductwork

Besides rupture, the ductwork can also get blocked due to accumulation of debris and dust, and mould and mildew can develop in the ductwork. When that happens, air that the vents emit turns dusty and carries a musty smell. That is a clear indicator that the ductwork needs cleaning and repairing by professional ducted aircon repair specialists.

Inappropriate distribution of the cool air

At times the area under the effect of a ducted air con system is plagued by inappropriate distribution of cool air. While one area may be excessively cool another may not be cool at all. This happens due to inappropriate or faulty installation of the ductwork. To amend this, it becomes imperative to hire the best experts from a reputed air conditioning system installation company of your locality.

Problems with insulation

Unlike the split AC systems that come with a reasonably short distance between the indoor and the outdoor unit, in ducted AC systems, the distance between the compressor and AC grilles is considerably more. Thus, this longer distance essentially turns into a potential likelihood for more loss of conditioned air, if there is any insulation issue. That’s precisely what happens in case of a ducted aircon system. At times, due to improper insulation, the air is lost midway, putting the entire setup up in smoke.

Jammed or stuck zoning gates

Zoned ducted AC systems come up with certain ‘gates’ that help in control of the flow of air in respected rooms that fall under the area under the influence of the system. If those gates get blocked, that corresponding area or room gets cut off from the cooling or heating effect.

Filthy System coils

If and when condenser and the evaporator coils, which are essentially parts of outdoor elements of a ducted system, get clogged by dirt and dust, it affects the performance of the system, thus prompting you to summon a repairing expert.

Besides, ducted air con systems also suffer from condensation drain issues, blocked filters and electrical issues, which are clear signs that tell it’s time to overhaul the system.

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