The Refrigerator Is Turned On, But Fridge Light Isn’t- Know the Reason Behind

Is your refrigerator light flickering? Or is it not working properly? Such things happen even though the fridge is cooling and the freezer is not freezing properly. It means your fridge has a faulty bulb. However, simply replacing the bulb won’t fix the problem, we will let you know the issues that may need you to call fridge repair professionals in Bankstown if needed.
refrigerator repair

If you find your fridge bulb is not working, the first thing that you will do is call the professionals and ask them to replace the refrigerator light bulb with the new one, but the problem doesn’t end here. You have to approach for fridge repairs in Penrith to troubleshoot the fridge lighting part finding the possible causes why such things happened. It may happen that there is a problem with bulb, socket, issues with the door switch or wiring issue of the refrigerator.

Issues With Faulty Bulb Sockets: Make sure the bulb socket is in working order. You can find it by visibly checking the physical part. You might find some bent or discoloured terminals, damaged or disconnected wires or cracked socket due to heating. These pretty issues don’t allow the bulb to illuminate correctly.

Check Our the Faulty Door Switch: A refrigerator door switch supply the voltage to the light bulb in your fridge when you open the door. And, if you find that you’re not getting light, check the light socket to see if they are in working order and find the door switch is faulty. Depending on the model of the fridge, the door switch will be located somewhere on the interior edge. Fridge repair professionals in St Marys carefully remove the faulty door switch to check the continuity with a multi-meter. These are normally closed type switch, which is spring-loaded.

Light Bulb & Ice Dispenser: If your model has an ice and water dispenser with a light bulb, ensure the bulb is in good condition. These lights are low in wattage and aren’t designed to be used as night lights. Sometimes an extended period of usage cause premature failure of the bulb or damage the socket. Most models will have an on/off of the switch on the control panel that is may be defective.

Electricity Supply: In most cases, the refrigerator light doesn’t work since there is no current running. So, instead of panicking, check whether the plug is connected properly to the power source. At times, power is got pulled out from the power outlet, which stops the power from being supplied to the refrigerator. If this is causing the problem, just reconnect the plug to the power source and the power will be solved.

So, don’t forget to check if there is a blown fuse, which prevents the refrigerator light from working, check the circuit breaker or the fuse box that controls the flow of power to the machine. Moreover, the blown power cord is another issue that needs fridge repair professionals in Camperdown to fix this issue.

Still not sure about which part is broken or need your attention? Reach our professionals for proper consultation.