Know How Split AC Can Keep the Summer Heat Outside This New Year

When it comes to choosing air conditioner system for Australian regions, it may be quite confusing. The continent experiences a variety of climates due to its size. As it is the summer season now, you will end up trying to achieve ideal temperatures that can make you comfortable at home or workplace. Installing a right air-conditioning unit can make your task relatively easy this New Year.

So, How Would You Choose Air Conditioner for Your Home?

Check the Energy Consumption

Compare the power consumption, cooling /heating input and output of different AC models. And the comparison must be measured in kilowatts. Moreover, don’t forget to consider the room size and the internal heating resources that can hinder the cooling.

Check the Energy Consumption

The Much-Required Size of AC Unit

Does it look too big for your place? If so, you will experience short cooling or heating cycle that make your AC on and off frequently, which in turn consumes a lot of power. Hence, it will be better to calculate a full heating and cooling load by a professional.

Calculate Heating and Cooling Load of AC

Compare the Energy Rating

The energy rating generally varies from 1-6 stars, and it defines the heating or cooling efficiency. More the stars, greater efficiency you get. Super-efficient air conditioners may carry 7-10 stars.

Compare the Energy Rating

Look for an Inverter Model with Variable Speed Drive

Split air conditioner system or an inverter air conditioner comes with VSD or variable speed drive installed in it. The VSD automatically controls the processor speed by controlling the fan motor.

Look for an Inverter Model with Variable Speed Drive

What if it seems confusing whether to run AC at low temperature or just keeping it as it is? Well, split AC installation is quite a handy solution, as it comes with VSD.

What Is a Split System Made Of?

As the name suggests, a split system is split into two components, which are a fan (located outside) along with evaporator (located inside) and a compressor unit. While the mechanism is concerned, a split system extracts humidity and hot air from inside and drives it out using a compressor. Side by side, the coolants in the compressor keep cooling the indoor air.

Apart from cooling, you can use AC for the heating purpose that reverses the cooling process. The cold air is extracted and pushed outside, and the system circulates the warm air inside the room.

So, What Are the Added Advantages You Count?

  • The most appealing feature is ease of access, i.e., you can easily operate that.
  • The manufacturers use the remote-controlled mechanism to set the temperature.
  • The split air conditioners help to decrease the allergens and dust building in the room.
  • Considered as the cost-effective way to control temperature.

Did You Know the Split AC System Cost Less During the Installation?

The installation or troubleshooting AC unit doesn’t even involve a lot of modification. Since there is no duct work involved, you can save on labour and installation cost. Instead, the entire system relies on small pipes and electrical cables that connect outdoor and indoor units.

Due to being powered by the electricity, split AC unit also run using solar power system. It significantly reduces the electricity bill, and with the capacity of both the heating and cooling, you can use the system throughout the year.

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