Why The Ice Maker of Your Fridge At Times Stops Working?

At times your refrigerator fails to form ice. The reason is pretty simple and understandable. The ice maker of your fridge has stopped working. You need to summon a quality and reputed fridge repairing company that will be able to address the issue and resolve it at the earliest.


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However, before you call us up, you need to know the likely reasons behind a malfunctioning ice maker.

Cause#1: Issue With The Temperature

If the temperature of the freezer is more than 10 degrees Fahrenheit or -12C, the ice maker will stop producing sufficient ice cubes. The temperature of the freezer needs to be set between 0 and 5 degrees for the ice maker to function properly.

Again, if the temperature is excessively high, it is important to keep the coils of the condenser to clear of dirt and debris. This will ensure that the fan of the condenser run sufficiently.

Besides, accumulation of frost on the evaporator coils needs to be checked as well. In case the coils are frosted all over, it is likely because the defrost system has failed partially, if not totally.

This can happen to any fridge, even it is from a brand as reputed as Maytag. Thus, if you have a Maytag fridge you need to summon a licensed specialist that does Maytag fridge repairs, to get rid of this problem.

Cause#2: Defective Water Inlet Valve

This valve is electrically-controlled, and its main function is to supply water to the ice maker and the dispenser. If and when the water inlet valve develops a snag, or if the pressure somehow is insufficient, it will hinder the flow of water. As a consequence, ice maker will not be able to make ice.

Understandably, repairing this issue is very much a specialist’s job. Hence, we recommend you that as soon as your fridge shows up this sign, you get in touch with a competent company that carries out fridge repairs in Kingswood. The techies of the company you hire will surely be able to solve the problem using all their experience and expertise.

Cause#3: Faulty Ice Maker Assembly

This is another reason why the ice maker does not work. A number components that jointly form the ice maker are not available separately in the market. In case this is the reason behind the problem you might have to purchase the entire ice maker assembly and replace the existing one with the new ice maker. However again, it is for the technician to decide the right course of action.

You just have to hire fridge repairers near Bondi as and when your refrigerator does not form ice, instead of trying things yourself and making the matter even worse. Moreover, if you are not a specialist, your safety and security might be at stake.

Hence, just call Fast Fridge Repairs up or write to us and our techies will be right there at your doorstep to resolve the issue and put things back at place.