Fridge Inspection Procedure That Technicians Follow Before a Repair

There are several components in a fridge that need to be checked before starting a repair. If you stay in Wetherill Park and your fridge is malfunctioning, you will need to call technicians who will first check the components to determine the source of the problem so that they can repair the appliance with efficiency. So, let us take a look at the inspection procedure in detail.

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Checking the Coils

When there are problems with the temperature of the refrigerator, the technicians start their inspection with the condenser coils and if there is too much accumulation of dirt and dust, they will clean the coils. The technicians providing the fridge repairs in Sydney will check the evaporator and the condenser coils as these two are directly involved in controlling the temperature.

Checking the Fan Blades

When the fans inside the fridge do not rotate properly, the technicians will check for dust, dirt, and debris that might be blocking the smooth operation. And if that is the case, the only option for them is to clean the condenser fan. They will remove the cover of the fan access and use a vacuum cleaner to clean the fan blades and use some oil so that they run smoothly.

Inspecting the Gasket

The reason for the lack of cool air on the fridge can be the gasket. If it gets damaged by dirt or if there are cracks, etc. the technicians will replace it. Else, they will cloth and lukewarm water and clean the gasket. They will specifically clean the area where dirt and dust have accumulated.

If the seal of the gasket has become weak, they will apply petroleum jelly to improve the suction operation.

These things can be done by experienced technicians and you can find them by searching with the keyword ‘fridge repairs near Wetherill Parkon the internet.

When the Vents are Blocked

Blocked vents can hinder the circulation of cold air in the freezer. So, the technicians will first remove the food items away from the vents as too many items can obstruct the vents. The technicians will guide you in managing the food items in the fridge in an efficient manner so that there are no obstructions and the cool air can circulate easily.

Removing Ice Build-up

If too much ice has formed in the freezer, the technicians will need to remove the ice as it can directly affect the temperature control of the fridge. They will need to manually defrost the fridge by and after the melting of the ice; they will wipe off the water with a dry towel and switch on the refrigerator again. After this procedure, you will need to wait for some time before you can store the food again.

When the Light Bulbs are Not Working

As you can guess already, this is not a big problem for the technicians. They will just replace the bulb if it’s burned out. However, if, even after replacing the light, the bulbs are not working, they will check for short circuits. So, if you face this problem you can call up any company that provides affordable fridge repairs in Wetherill Park.

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