‘A Clean Fridge Means A Safe Fridge’ – Here’s How Often You Should Clean Your Refrigerator

With constant food spills, half bottles of condiment taking over each of its shelf and leftovers forgotten, it is safe to say that your ever-reliable refrigerator takes a beating on a daily basis. So, it is imperative that you keep it spotless.

Unfortunately, very few understand the necessity of this chore and even consider it to be a dreaded task.

“Truth be told, keeping your refrigerator clean on a routine basis ensures its optimal functioning. And when that happens, it also keeps your monthly electric bill in check.”

Refrigerator repairs Sydney
Refrigerator repairs Sydney

(Honestly Say)

  • Do you hesitate showing someone the insides of your refrigerator due to fear of embarrassment?
  • Has it been months since the last time you bothered to check your unit’s coils?
  • Are you finding it difficult to recall when you actually cleaned your most used appliance in the house?

If so, then perhaps it is time to change things for the better and clean your refrigerator to ensure it functions optimally. Below explains how often you should look to clean your fridge.

Follow closely!

Your Weekly Cleaning To-Do-List Should Include the Following –

  • Properly wipe the drawers and trays to remove any stinks or remnants of yucky substances
  • Get rid of the old/stale food and clean down the interior before stocking it up with your weekly grocery
  • Clean spills immediately using a sponge or damp cloth. Or else it will turn into a sticky residue which will require more effort to remove
  • Also, focus on the exterior body of your unit and look to sanitise it using your all-purpose cleaner to remove smudges, stains, spots and even fingerprints. While you are at it, don’t forget those dirty door handles too.

NOTE — A good rule of thumb is to generally wipe every day to prevent cross-contamination and remove any trace of ickiness. To do that you can use a microfibre cloth moistened with a quality anti-bacterial spray!

Your Deep Cleaning To-Do-List (For Every Month)

  • Take out both the meat and vegetable drawer and dip them in a bucket or bathtub of warm soapy water
  • As the drawers are soaked, look to wipe every nook and corner of your fridge- including the door panels, the seals and the top of the unit. If needed, rinse all these areas using a clean, moist cloth.
  • Inspect all your condiments and remove those which have exceeded its expiration date
  • Clean those dusty coils by firstly unplugging your refrigerator and then using a long, bristled brush known to fit into difficult to reach spots
  • After cleaning the meat and vegetable drawer, allow them to dry first and then put them back inside.

NOTE — Look to change the water filter every 3–6 months depending on the necessity. Also, check the freezer’s condition and whether it needs to be defrosted. If so, then do it.

Your Occasional Cleaning To-Do-List (In every 2–3 days)

  • Clean the top of your refrigerator as this area can often become an accumulation ground for dust, debris and other random filths
  • Wipe the fridge door seals which are also known to collect spills, crumbs and other filth in every 2–3 days or twice a week! To do this, you can use a clean cloth moistened with quality dishwater soap and lukewarm water.
  • Clean spills and stains which usually take place on a daily basis.

Maintain this cleaning chore as much as possible to keep your refrigerator clean and in tip-top working condition.

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