Know Why Water Dispenser of Your Fridge is Not Working

In a number of side-by-side refrigerator model, there is a feature called water and ice dispenser, which is located on the front of the freezer section. There will be a small water and ice collection tray at the bottom to manage the overflow and small spills. The unit will have 2 glass-sized paddle controls one of which will work for ice and another of which will work for water. To dispense the water, glass is placed under the opening to collect the water. What if the water dispenser all of a sudden stop dispensing the water? What are the causes that make it happen and how to fix it- know the discourse here.
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Know the Causes and Fixes of Loose Fridge Door

Are you experiencing loose fridge door that opens up on its own, even after closing it? You have no doubt closed the fridge door properly, but if it opens back every time soon after you leave it, then there is a serious problem with your fridge door. If the door doesn’t get closed fully, then it is not good enough to store food for long there. So, it’s a frustrating situation, but not hard to fix. So, what to do when your fridge door is not getting closed? Read this brief discourse here-
know the causes and fixes of loose fridge door

Why Fridge Door is Not Getting Closed: The professionals in fridge repairs in Greystanes firstly suggest checking if there is something stored that is pushing the fridge door from inside. If there is no such thing, here a few common reasons that make it happen-

 Too Much of Weight in the Door:

It’s better to remove any heavy items like a jar of juice or milk from the fridge door to reduce the weight.

 Fridge Isn’t Leveled:

If the front of your refrigerator is tilted forward, then it could be another reason why the fridge door is not getting closed.

 Mis-Aligned Hinges:

Over the span of use, hinges of your fridge get pulled down due to repetitive strain. Calling a fridge repair professional in Manly can let you have this issue fixed by tightening and adjusting the hinges with a screwdriver.

If none of the above methods works, check for the door seal. Did you know that seal around your refrigerator or the freezer is also called gasket? As the name implies, the seals lock up the cold air inside the fridge, so that the food inside can remain fresh. A Malfunctioning seal prevents the unit from maintaining the safe temperature for perishable items.

What to Look For in a Seal:

While checking the door seal, look for the small screws all around the door, which is holding the door seal in place. Make sure these screws are not loose, which may cause sticking out of the seal. If you find it is happening so, you may need to replace the gasket of your refrigerator door.

Don’t think the seals as a fancy and optional part. It is a strip of rubber that must be fitted tightly into a groove around the door’s edge. In the same way, the gasket wiggles lose from the grove, which needs to be adjusted by pushing back. Call fridge repair professionals in Ashfield if you can’t do such fixes on your own. Since professionals have the necessary experience and supplies to do any repairing job easily, it’s safe to rely on them.

Clean the Gasket: If you find the door is not getting closed or tend to pop open, then it is due to the dirty seal. So, how to clean it? Take a bowl and mix warm water with a drop of dishwashing liquid. Make sure you clean the grim from every side of the seal by wiping down it with damp towel.

When to Look for Seal Replacement? Often times, you will need to start fresh with the new seal. However, before you think about the replacement, you must check whether the seal is cracked, torn, bent, warped at the corners.

So, before the matter reaches to replacement needs, talk to our experts at fridge repairs in Surry Hills to find the necessary repair at an affordable rate.

6 Most Frequent Problems that Commercial Fridge Repair Company Have to Solve

Even if you have put your money on the best commercial fridge, there is no such guarantee, that it will run your lifetime. No appliance does so, regardless of its brand value.

Thus, even if you have opted for the best brand of commercial fridge, you are bound to get bogged down by a few problems. Of them, there are a few, which knock these fridges out of order most frequently.

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Signs That Tell You That Your Fridge Has Run Out of Gas

Domestic as well as the industrial refrigerators come up with a series of signs or indications that will tell you unmistakably that the gas (i.e. the refrigerant) of your fridge is running low.

When this happens, you need to summon a reputed company, which has been offering fridge repairs in Blacktown or in any other place, depending upon where you stay.

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Top 4 Tips to Follow for Hiring the Right Refrigerator Repairing Company

Refrigerator Repairing Company Sydney

Refrigerators are one of the most important home appliances for almost every homeowner. When a fridge stops working the life of a homemaker gets really tough, as one cannot store foods. This means that the whole family will not get fresh food until the fridge is repaired. Hence, it is important to opt for the proper servicing of the refrigerator as soon as possible. A proper servicing can be done by hiring a certified refrigerator repairing company. It is because a certified company has proper technicians to provide the best solution to your refrigeration problem.

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Know How to Maintain the Right Temperature of Your Fridge

Fridge Repairs Sydney

Have you noticed that the milk is getting frosty? Or meat spoilage has become a frequent issue? It happens all because of the wrong temperature. According to FDA recommendation, you have to keep your refrigerator at or below 40 degree Fahrenheit, and your freezer should be at 0 degree Fahrenheit to keep your food fresh for longer to prevent food borne illnesses.

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About to Buy a Refrigerator? Know How to Make the Right Choice

Buying a refrigerator is no doubt a bid deal- a wrong choice can make you bear the consequences for years to come. So, before heading to the appliance shop, a little bit of planning or knowledge will go a long way. Surprisingly, there are many pitfalls to avoid. And, in this content, our fridge repair professionals in Ashbury suggest a few things to keep in mind before stepping into the store.
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Reasons Why Your Refrigerator’s Fresh Food Compartment is Warming Up

Is your refrigerator’s fresh food compartment warming up soon? Well, warming up of fresh food compartment of refrigerator happens often. This issue can take place due to various reasons. To resolve this issue, you need to apply effective repairing methods. However, repairing methods require proper expertise. Hence, it is better to hire certified technicians for this job.

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4 Reasons Why Your Fridge is Making a Humming Noise

Is your refrigerator making a humming noise? Is the noise being produced frequently? Well, refrigerators generally operate quietly in the background. However, if something is going wrong with your fridge, then only it starts making a humming noise. People often skip the noise, as they think it might not be an issue, but it is actually a problem that you need to pay heed to.
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How Do Techies Take on Damaged Evaporator Coils During Fridge Repairs

A very common problem that compels households to book service calls for fridge repairs in Ashfield like in any other place is damaged evaporator coils. This is an extremely intimidating issue and needs to be addressed and amended at the earliest. Thus, when it comes to addressing damaged or faulty evaporator coils, the best fridge repairing company needs to be summoned. When you have Fast Fridge Repairs around, there is nothing to worry though. Our techies are experienced enough to provide the most effective solutions when it comes to repairing damaged or faulty evaporator coils.

Here are the steps that our technicians would generally take to repair a damaged evaporator coil.
damaged evaporator coils during fridge repairs

Step 1: Starting off

The first and foremost step is removing the panel that covers the coil. The panel is located in the freezer compartment and can be opened with the help of a suitable screwdriver or a ¼ inch nut driver. These two are the most suitable tools to take the holding screws off.

Step 2: Removing the Hold-Down Clamps

This is the second step, wherein the techies get rid of the hold-down clamps that encompass the coil. Again, they use either a screwdriver or a ¼ inch nut driver for that. The function of these hold-down clamps is to prevent the coil from shuddering when the fridge runs. The clamps are screwed directly to the body of the refrigerator and need to be removed to get access to the evaporator coils.

Step 3: Looking for the Leaks and Faults

Now that the panel and the clamps are removed, the coil is exposed and it is time to look for the leaks and faults. The seasoned eyes of the techies would scan the coil for rubbed areas and oily spots, and areas that are heavily oxidised. They would pay extra attention to the kinks and the bends in the tubing of the coil. The reason is pretty obvious – these bends have a propensity of rupturing over time due to their structural intricacy.

Step 4: Cleaning the Leaked Area(s)

This is the most vital step of the entire episode of work. Now that the leaking area(s) has/have been spotted, it/they need(s) to be cleaned thoroughly. The techies would use sand paper to do so. The technicians would remove even the last pieces of loose materials and debris with the help of sandpapers. They would pay particular attention to see off the refrigerant oil. However, they would do so intricately, so much so that the debris does not get into the leaks or the hole of the tube. Once done, they would wipe off all the sanding dust from the leak area using a clean rag.

Step 5: Getting into further Details

Things get more intricate during this stage of the fridge evaporator coil repairs in Mosman and Ultimo. The pros would connect a vacuum pump to the refrigerant service valve of the fridge. The valve is located close to the compressor and it appears as an over-sized tyre valve with the only difference being, it is metallic. The technicians would generally use a hand-held automotive pump to connect.

Step 6: Creating the Vacuum

Now, they will draw a vacuum using the vacuum pump. Generally, a vacuum of 10 inches of mercury is drawn. Now if there are significant leaks in the tube, they will not let this happen. A vacuum will draw the patch into the ruptured area, forming a bond.

Step 7: Fixing the Leak

This step involves kneading about an inch section of epoxy putty with the hands. They using continue mixing the putty until the mixture becomes uniform in texture and colour. Once done, they would press the putty firmly over the ruptured area, wrapping the mixture properly around the pipe. Ideally, the patch would extend about an inch or two on either side of the leak to be on the safer side. They do it pretty fast- and finish applying the putty within a couple of minutes of forming the mixture. This is done to ensure that the mixture does not become hard before applying.

Step 8: Checking the Vacuum Gauge

Once the mixture is applied and it hardens over the leaking area, the vacuum gauge is checked. Now again, a 10-inch mercury vacuum is drawn on the refrigerant system and then the vacuum pump is disconnected.

Step 9: Following up

Finally, the vacuum reading is checked again after 24 hours. If the vacuum reading drops again, that denotes that still, leakage persists. Again, the leak test is performed and the necessary repair work is done.

Footnote: If the leak continues to appear even after repeated repair works, then our techies insist replacement of the entire coil altogether.

Therefore, you see, the steps that our techies take for fridge repairs in Ashfield, more so when it comes to repairing evaporator coil are purely technical. Hence, only seasoned and qualified technicians need to be summoned for the task. We pride to say we at Fast Fridge Repairs are home to some of the best and most seasoned technicians who are qualified enough to fix issues like this with flying colours.

For further details and whenever you are in a fix, do not hesitate to call us at 0405972558 between 7.00 am and 7.00 pm. We will be more than glad to fix the issue at the earliest.