A Guide to Choosing the Best Time for Aircon Installation

Choosing the right time for aircon installation in Sydney can be tricky. But, if you get it right, you will end up more time and money. Different individuals have different requirements – for some the old aircon unit just broke, for others they’re doing a home renovation. Whatever, the reasons might be, there are a couple of factors to keep in mind for a seamless experience. Read this guide till the last to have a better understanding.

Aircon Installation

Installing an Aircon in Spring or Winter

Picking an off-season is always a better time to install an air-conditioning unit. There are two reasons why:


Just before the summer arrives, you’d be prepared with your air conditioning unit and curb the rise of electricity bills. Plus, installing or repairing an AC is also easier in spring as the rooftops are not covered in snow and the weather is ideal.


This is the time when air conditioner sales hit an all-time low. If you want to take the advantage of heavy rebates, now is the time. However, aircon install in winter is the most challenging due to snow accumulation on roofs & shades.

Installing an Aircon in Summer

If you’ve put up buying and installing an air conditioner until summer, you’ve made a mistake! Summer is not the ideal time as it is the peak season and is the busiest time for aircon installers. Moreover, the prices of aircons also soar high during this period. Adding to your woes, even if you manage to buy an AC, it can take even weeks for aircon install in summer. Meanwhile, you’ll be left sweating in the sweltering heat of Australian summers!

Installing an Aircon in Autumn

Arguably the best time to install an AC unit is during autumn. The demand for air conditioners is also low, like in winters, sans the snow hassle – making it a great time to avail huge discounts and sales. Here are 3 reasons why you should fix this time of the year for aircon buying and installation:

Very fewer buyers mean you can book a HVAC professional or hire an air conditioner installer easily. The lesser demand also means you can get it done at a lower quote.

Purchasing an AC in the Fall means you get more time to research, get multiple installation quotes and settle on the best deal. Moreover, chances are you’d bag a better air conditioner, as there won’t be any rush before the heat waves arrive.

Going for an aircon installation in Sydney during autumn means you’ll have plenty of time to prepare and maintain the aircon unit before the weather starts getting scorching warm again.

Following this guide on finding the right time to buy and install an air conditioner will save your hard-earned money and time.

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