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Commercial Coolroom Installation


Coolroom Installation

Once you have decided to take the wise step of acquiring a coolroom, consider hiring a company that has many years of experience in coolroom installation. Its length of operations shows that it has earned the public’s trust.

Does the company employ coolroom installation personnel who are highly trained? If yes, then good. Every nook and cranny of the room has to follow certain specifications and this would need expert personnel who pay attention to details.

Choose Fast Fridge Repairs

Fast Fridge Repairs has over 20 years of experience in coolroom installation, repair and maintenance. We strictly follow industry standard procedures so that this very important appliance in your business will work properly and efficiently. We assure you of same day service and 12-month parts warranty. 

Additionally, Fast Fridge Repairs eagerly provides suggestions on how you can monitor and care for your coolroom better.

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The top 5 reasons why you need a coolroom

Having a coolroom for your business, or even for a big house has its benefits such as the following:

1. Preservation
This is the most obvious reason – to preserve food, beverage, blood samples, medicines, fresh flowers and other perishable items.

2. Sanitation
Since perishable items are tucked away in a coolroom, other areas of the building are free from unwanted odour. It can be accessed through a back door so that your frontline operations are not disrupted.

3. A coolroom allows bulk storage
Save yourself the trouble of making frequent purchases. Instead, buy in bulk and preserve them in your coolroom for a long period of time.

4. Organised
Coolrooms are huge enough and they have sections where you can easily organise your products. This saves you time in looking for the things that you need. Inventory also becomes more manageable.

5. Huge savings
The benefits mentioned above would save you money in the long run.


What to Look for in a Coolroom

Not all coolrooms were created alike. However, there will always be one that will meet your specific business’ needs. You can buy a factory-made coolroom or ask an expert to customize it for you. Here are the top 5 features to look for:

1. Variable internal and external temperatures
You would benefit from a coolroom that has a good temperature control system. This means temperature that can be adjusted depending on what you want to store (internally) and on the season of the year (externally).

2. Durability
Choose a coolroom that will last for a long period of time. One that is made from non-corrosive materials is recommended. For example, plastic material can last for 30 years or more.

3. Safety
Choose a coolroom that has secure walls, racks and guards to ensure your personnel’s safety. Also find one that is built without harmful materials to avoid contaminating your stored items.

4. Flexibility
A good coolroom has racks or shelves that can be adjusted based on your storage needs. But make sure that they can handle a heavy load. It is also ideal to have work tables and trolleys that can withstand continued use.

5. Security
One that has several security features in addition to a CCTV camera, alarm and fire protection, is also recommended.


Coolroom Installation Experts Sydney

Once you have decided to own a coolroom, consider hiring an expert in installation, repair and maintenance. Here are the top 5 qualities to look out for:

1. Experience
Choose a company that has many years of experience. The said company will not be in the industry for a long time if not for its expertise and the clients’ trust.

2. Skilled consultants, builders and technicians
Does the company employ coolroom installation, repair and maintenance personnel who are highly trained? Every nook and cranny of the room has to follow certain specifications and this would need personnel who pay attention to details.

3. Offers a warranty
Choose a company that offers a warranty. A trustworthy company understands your needs and is willing to help you every step of the way.

4. Has easy access to spare parts
A 24-hour delay in fixing your coolroom can already spell trouble for your business. A company that has rapid access to spare parts - panels, sealants, shelves, light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, door parts, latches, hinges, suspensions, locks, among others - mean that they can fix your coolroom right away.

5. Cares about your business
Does the company provide sound advise on how to care for your coolroom? A credible installation, repair and maintenance company believes that you, the business owner, is a partner in caring for your coolroom and thus give you the necessary information to be able to do so.


Our Coolroom Installation & Repair Service Area

Fast Fridge Repair provides coolroom installation & repair services all regions in Sydney including Sydney CBD, Eastern Suburbs Sydney, Inner West Sydney, Northern Beaches Sydney, Lower North Shore Sydney, Upper North Shore Sydney, North Sydney, South West Sydney, West Sydney, Greater Western Sydney, The Hills district Sydney.

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