10 Simple Steps for Installing a Split Air Conditioning System

Many people are of the view that to install a split air-conditioner the only thing which they need to do is have the right set of tools. Some of them who have it, try to manage such kind of work on their own. But in the end, they end up wasting their time, money and resources. A simple thing which they don’t understand is that for aircon install, experience, training and skill are needed. While the job may look easy, that is not so.

Aircon Installation
Aircon Installation

If you are planning to install the split air-conditioner on your own then it can be a tricky job if you don’t know how to manage it safely. Any kind of minor or major mistake can lead to a big problem. Even if you are successful in installing the split AC, if the wires are loose or the work is not completed in the best way, then the cooling system won’t work efficiently. You might also have to get it replaced after a few days or a month. The things which you need to do are as follows.

Steps You Must Follow For Installing Split AC

Aircon installation in Sydney is not an easy job. There are many risks involved in doing so if you are not trained and experienced. While trying to install it, you might do damage to the walls or hurt yourself. You can follow the steps which are mentioned below.

1. The first thing that you must do is select the right place where you want to install the split air-conditioner. You must select a strong wall.
2. The next thing which you need to do is secure the mounting plate to the interior wall and drill the outlet hole
3. You have to remove the cover of the split air-conditioner and then lift it towards the mounting plate for fixing.
4. Checking the electrical connection is vital.
5. Run the cables and pipes through the hole in the wall and after that connect them to the unit.
6. After this you have to secure the indoor unit. Fix the brackets by making the drilled hole in the walls.
7. Mounting the outdoor unit safely and then connecting the wires. For this, you can follow the manual.
8. Connect the cables and piping to the outdoor unit.
9. Don’t miss out on connecting the copper wires.
10. You also need to seal up the wall holes. For this, you can use expanding polyurethane foam.

Therefore the best thing which you do is hire an expert technician for aircon installation in Sydney. In this way, you will get the desired result and the right value of your investment.

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