Handy Tips to Make your Refrigerator Energy Efficient this Summer

It’s summertime in Australia, and your refrigerator is something that is going to stay on for the entire day possible. And, evidently, your energy bills are something that is not going to stay put the whole season. But, there are ways by which you can ensure that you keep the carbon footprints to a little bit on the lower side and stop your energy bills to make a hole in your pocket.


Evidently, the impact of turning your refrigerator energy efficient is going to leave an impact on the overall energy efficiency of your home too. As viewed by our fridge repairing specialists associated with Fast Fridge Repairs for quite a long time, most of the homeowners actually fail to focus on specific areas where replacement or repairing is required.

This season, let our repairing experts help you out with that and help to keep the energy bills low. Read on to find out the ways through which our qualified refrigerator mechanics can actually make that happen.

First Step – Check the Door Gasket


When your fridge suddenly stops cooling down the internal stuff, you start panicking about the compressor and other internal units. But, in reality, it can be the worn out door gaskets making it all happen. It is that rubber seal lining or gasket that prevents the warm air to make their way inside the refrigerator.

It’s just a matter of time. Continuous use of the refrigerator door actually makes the door gasket lose its ability of suction, and the door stops getting closed no matter how forcefully you try to slam it. Our experts will replace the gasket if needed and make the inner stuff cool down too fast.

Brushing Off the Dirt from Condenser Coil


Let us ask you a simple question. When was the last time you cleaned up the condenser coil of your refrigerator? Well, certainly not frequently. The coils are usually located at the bottom of the unit through which the warm air gets out of the fridge. But, when not cleaned often, dust and dirt are meant to get accumulated on it, consuming more electricity.

As cleaning the coils is a time taking process, therefore, let our professionals of refrigerator repairs in Sydney handle it and clean it up for you with precision. You ought to see some positive changes in your energy bills from the next month onwards.

Apart from these two preventive maintenance hacks, there are a few other steps that you can take to make sure your refrigerator does not cause any trouble regarding energy efficiency.

  • Make sure you cool your leftover food a bit down before you keep them inside the refrigerator so that the compressor does not need to work too fast.
  • Don’t keep any heat generating appliance next to the refrigerator as your fridge may need to work harder to maintain the internal temperature cooled down.
  • Keep your refrigerator adequately organised so that the even air distribution cools each part of your fridge sufficiently.
  • Also, it is recommended to check whether the door is closed at all times to avoid unnecessary heating.

Don’t delay to call our experts when there is a case of emergency breakdown or preventive maintenance to make sure you don’t have to struggle with your energy bills by the end of the season.