Expert Ways of Cleaning a Fridge As Suggested By Professionals

Many problems in the fridge stem from the accumulation of dirt and dust on the internal components. So today, we will discuss a couple of expert tips that you can follow to clean your fridge. However, it is best if you leave cleaning on the hands of the professionals. And if you are in Kingswood, you can find many local professionals who provide the service.

Expert Ways of Cleaning a Fridge

So, let’s start with the interior first.

1) Cleaning the Interior

The technicians providing the fridge repairs in Kingswood will use a few cleaning agents for the interiors. But the most popular one that professionals mostly use is baking powder and soda for the shelves and drawers that can’t be removed.

Experts suggest that you mix baking soda with water that can be a great DIY solution as well and since there are many commercial cleaners in the market, it is best to avoid them if you do not have any idea about their quality. And to clean the fridge, you need to apply the solution on the surface and then use a clean cloth or a toothbrush to clean the dirt and dust. Finally, use a clean towel to wipe off the remaining solution from the surface.

2) Ways to Clean the Gasket

The gasket on the fridge door needs to be cleaned regularly and to clean it you can use a bleach-based cleaner when there is a mould or plain warm water.
First, you will need to apply any of these and then use a clean fabric to remove the mould or the grease. Then let it dry for a while and apply some petroleum jelly to keep its surface smooth.

3) Cleaning the Shelves and Drawers in Your Fridge

The experts who provide refrigerator repair service near Kingswood recommend soap and warm water to clean the drawers and the shelves. For this, you will need to use warm water that helps to make the grease on the surface soft so that they can be removed easily.

Switch off the fridge first and then apply the mixture of hot water and soap on the drawers and the shelves and then remove the solution with a non-abrasive scrubber.

4) Ways to Clean the Exterior of Your Fridge

For cleaning the outer surface, you can use any standard cleaning solution for the fridge. You just need a cloth and a few drops of the cleaning solution for this process. You will need to apply the solution and then wipe it down to make the surface clean and when doing so, apply a bit of pressure so that the grease is removed completely.

5) Cleaning the Coils

Experts suggest that you leave this part to the professionals who will use a coil brush to remove the accumulated dirt and dust on the coils and during the process if they find debris, they will remove them carefully with their hand.

Sometimes, if the dust is too much, they may also use the vacuum cleaner for cleaning the coils.

Is Your Fridge Malfunctioning? Time to Call the Professionals

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